Does a Leaking Duct Actually Matter?

decreasing duct leakage

Source: United States Energy Information

In order to understand why decreasing duct leakage, and thereby energy intake, is important we must begin by looking into the past. The above graph offers a historical look into the United States energy production, consumption, export, and import over the past six decades. As you can clearly see, our intake almost has tripled since the 50’s. Also, you’ll see, our production hasn’t kept pace and thereby, we started to import energy in bigger amounts.

This tripling of energy intake isn’t surprising – because of the increase in population over the past six decades (in 1950, 151 million up to 2016’s 324 million), and technology developments (that is, televisions, central air and heat).

Interesting Facts:

  • Back in the year 1950 there were around six million televisions in America.
  • By the year 1960 this figure rose to 60 million televisions.

In the year 2009 there were an average of 2.83 TVs/ household with an average of 2.5 individuals/ household, according to Nielson Company. So, this means that there are more televisions than people within the U.S. You may begin to comprehend why our consumption of energy has risen so much.

HVAC Energy Intake in Commercial Properties

Of course, by-products of producing energy are greenhouse gases, and they affect the planet. For many years, a multitude of countries have concentrated on decreasing the earth’s greenhouse gases. If you break consumption of energy into three groups – industry, transportation, and buildings – buildings utilize 49 percent of the overall energy used.

Commercial property owners have to upgrade their equipment to significantly greater efficiency units to decrease costs and energy consumption. But, what about their ductwork? If your upgrade the equipment without assessing the leaky ductwork, then you’re merely more efficiently losing energy. Business owners, at the end of the day, spend funds to make working environments more comfortable for their staff members. In not having an effective HVAC system, commercial property owners are going to waste money and possible profits.

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