Mold Infestations lead to Weak Property Foundations

Mold Infestation Arlington VAWith home inspectors seeing a multitude of homes every year, it should not be a shock how occasionally, they’ll come across a house that has problems so bad, placing it on the market without repairing those problems would be close to impossible. Here are some worst-case scenarios you do not want your house inspector to include within a report.

Foundation Problems

House inspection findings which reveal problems with the foundation of your home may be a huge headache, not to mention amongst the costliest repair projects you may make to a home. Foundational issues that involve hydraulic piers may cost as high as $10,000 and up, and seemingly tiny cracks may set you back $500, according to Home Advisor.

Infestation of Mold

If you believed mold was simply a smelly issue, think again. Mildew and mold, if left alone, may compromise a home’s structural integrity, particularly if it is an area such as your property’s crawl space or basement. Mold growth, in this case, is a high moisture symptom, something you do not want anywhere close to wood.

A black mold infestation also can be a severe health hazard, and causes a plethora of problems that range from respiratory problems such as asthma and coughing, to reactions such as bleeding in the lungs and sneezing.

Roof Problems

If your home inspector reports an issue that affects a big part of your roof, do not be shocked if this costs you a sale. A thorough home inspector, after a home inspection, will have the ability to offer an estimate of how many years a roof has left within its lifespan, which you may use while negotiating the selling price.

Problems with Pests

If the home inspector sees that you have a problem with mice or rats, you usually may eliminate these pesky intruders within an affordable way with monthly exterminations or traps.

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