Mold Prevention in Wet Basements

indoor-airIf your home has witnessed a basement leak, you may run the risk of having mold growth. Though mold is naturally always present in the environment, when it begins to multiply in large quantities, it becomes a problem and this is when the need for mold removal surfaces.  Growth of mold can cause a lot of harmful health problems. Not only do they pose a hazard for humans but affect animals too. This is why taking measures to prevent mold growth is very important.

What Causes Mold To Surface?

Most basements barely get any ventilation or sunlight thus creating a very humid condition inside. This is what makes it the perfect environment for mold to grow in because the moment you experience any kind of water damage, you can be sure that it is going to take a long time to dry out.

The worst part is that since people don’t visit their basements very often, the growth of mold goes unnoticed for a long time, sometimes coming to light only after it has wreaked significant amount of damage in that area. This makes basement mold removal a necessary yet complex task.

The main causes of mold that you should try to protect yourself from are:

  • Condensation – Since the basement is subjected to cold temperatures and high humidity, condensation occurs and begins to appear on walls, cold metal pipes and other surfaces.
  • Flooding – When your home witnesses a flood, most of the water usually runs down to the basement and remains there for long periods of time. Since the place remains extremely wet for a couple of days, it causes harmful molds like toxic black mold to surface.

Tackling Mold Growth

Though the sight of mold can be very disgusting, its appearance is not the only thing you should be worried about. Mold and other bacteria that gather in a wet basement can cause a number of health issues besides damaging the walls, floors and other structural parts of your home or office.

However, by tackling mold in the right way you can be sure that this problem will cease to trouble you. A thorough assessment of the situation is the most important thing before one can move ahead with the mold remediation process.

Whether it was a broken pipe, or a wet spill that caused your basement to become an ideal setting for the growth of mold doesn’t really matter because once your basement develops mold, there is nothing left to do but call in the professionals to tackle the job for you. However, there are a few ways in which one can stop or prevent mold from taking root in your wet basement. Ensuring that the basement dries completely after flooding is the most important step. But there is much more to be done and you can rest knowing you have the best service in Washington DC on the job.

Some simple techniques of mold prevention include:

  • Ventilating your wet basement so that it does not become humid and provide the environment for mold growth
  • Insulating basement pipes and windows – If your basement is not properly insulated, during the cold season you are likely to experience condensation which will promote mold growth

However, identifying the symptoms is an important part of good mold removal services. We will tackle this problem by conducting an on-site evaluation of the extent of damage incurred and deciding what measures are best to rid your home of mold growth.

Our thorough assessment process will cover:

  • Identifying the location that has been victim to mold growth
  • Assessing the extent of damage that has been caused by the presence of the mold in that particular area

This will then be followed by mold remediation which will include removing and cleaning up the mold from the given indoor setting. We will also make sure your wet basement is dehumidified in the process.

Recognizing the Presence of Mold

You know you have mold proliferating in your home if you have:

  • Strong, musty odors emanating from the basement
  • High humidity
  • Sudden persistent throat and skin irritations
  • Severe sneezing fits
  • Sudden eye irritations like itchy, red or teary eyes
  • Past moisture concerns that were not properly resolved

Your home may have become the latest victim of mold growth. But do not worry, contact the experts and rest knowing you and your home are in good hands.

All mold damage is different and being aware of this, Triangle Legacy in Washington D.C. has the required equipment and expertise to rid your home of this mold menace. You can trust us completely to provide you with a comfortable and healthy environment once again. Call the mold remediation experts in Washington DC at 202-888-2960/301-523-9419.