Mold Remediation vs. “Mold Removal”

Remediate Mold Washington DCAs microscopic spores of mold naturally exist almost every place, outside and inside, extracting all mold from a business or home is isn’t possible. Most restoration businesses will advertise “mold removal” and guarantee to extract all mold. That’s a fallacy. We understand mold growth and mold. Triangle Legacy has the expertise and training needed to remediate mold within your business or home.

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Understanding Mold

As water intrudes your property, the growth of mold may begin within 2 days. Consider these facts about mold:

• Mold exists almost every place, outside and in.
• Spores of mold are microscopic, float inside air, and might enter your house through heating/AC systems, doors, windows or even catch a ride inside on your clothes or even your pet.
• Mold spores will thrive on moisture. The spores of mold quickly can grow into colonies as exposed to water. The colonies might generate irritants, as well as allergens.
• Prior to the mold remediation starting, any water or moisture sources have to be addressed. The mold might return, otherwise
• Mold oftentimes generates a musty, strong smell, and that smell might lead to potential mold problem spaces.
• Even higher-than-usual humidity indoors might support the growth of mold. Keep humidity indoors below 45%.

The Process of Mold Remediation

Each scenario of mold damage differs and requires a special solution, yet the general process of mold remediation remains the same. Learn more on our process of mold remediation.

1. Emergency Contact – 1-800-830-3324
2. Mold Damage Evaluation and Inspection
3. Containment of Mold
4. Filtration of Air
5. Removing Mold-Infested Materials and Mold
6. Cleaning Belongings and Contents

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