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Residential and Commercial Restoration in Morrisville, NC

Regardless of your stance on climate change, it’s hard to ignore the severe weather that has affected various regions of our country. Weather disaster can wreak havoc on homes, offices, and commercial buildings. When your property has flooding or other damage, the best option is to bring in the help of local experts.

Triangle Legacy is professional company that provides emergency and non-emergency damage restoration services. We provide 24/7 emergency fire restoration, water remediation, flood restoration services and mold removal. We also specialize in carpet cleaning projects and offer residential and commercial cleaning services as well. Our emergency response team will help your property get back to its pre-existing condition as quickly as possible with a our special combination of expertise, compassion, and dedication.

We Offer the Best Water Damage Repair Services

Water damage can take many different shapes, sizes, and forms, but when it is left to sit, further damage increases aggressively if restoration does not begin as soon as possible. Water damage occurs when excess water begins to pool in areas where it shouldn’t.

Several different factors can be taken into consideration as to why excess water is in your home but either way, the longer the water sits, the chances of secondary damage increases. When you are aware of the potential causes, you can take precautionary measures to help insure against a leak or flood.

Whether it is a minor water leak or extreme flooding, the Triangle Legacy team of experts will make sure the restoration process is as smooth as possible. The quicker you notice a problem, the less work the water extraction and water damage restoration company will have to complete, which in turn will lower your final bill.

Mold Remediation in Morrisville, NC

Several homeowners miscalculate exactly how dangerous mold can get, especially when the presence of black mold in basements and bathrooms take over. While most individuals only view mold as an unsightly inconvenience, several species of mold are very hazardous to your health and your home.

Mold takes the opportunity to grow indoors on moist surfaces, such as ceiling tiles, wood, carpets, wallpaper, drywall, and insulation material. It can begin its growth period within 24 hours after a flood or other types of water damage, and if left unchecked, can have serious impact on both your home’s physical structure and your quality of life or health.

If you notice the presence of mold in your home, or think you may have toxic black mold, contact Triangle Legacy, the mold removal experts. We are here to help remove mold and prevent potential health risks and long-term damage to your home.

No matter what the extent of the damage is, we are here to help! No job is too big or too small for our team at Triangle Legacy. Every property is different, therefore we provide individualized services for all of our clients to help minimize the impact of the damage and assist in the restoration of your property. These services include:

∙ Emergency Restoration Services
∙ Water Damage Repair
∙ Flood Mitigation
∙ Mold Removal
∙ Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning
∙ Drain Cleaning
∙ Odor Removal
∙ Smoke Removal
∙ Fire Damage Repair
∙ Fire Damage Restoration
∙ Free Estimates

Emergency and Non-Emergency Services in Morrisville, NC

At Triangle Legacy, we know how important it is to find a professional that offers of restoration and repair services around-the-clock. We offer emergency services 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. We also know how important your weekly schedule is and will work with you to find a suitable date and time to get any repairs or restorations completed as quickly as possible.

How It Works

Once someone at Triangle Legacy receives your call, we will agree on a time for an assessment of the affected area of your home or office for signs of damage. After that, we will assemble a detailed estimate and propose the most efficient repairs available.

Give us a call to schedule your appointment for an estimate at (301) 523-9419 or email us at

We also offer convenient forms that can be found on our home page. Once you fill it out, we will contact you as soon as possible!