Why you Need a Professional Pressure Washing Technician

pressure washingThere are plenty of DIY warehouse companies and small companies that offer pressure washers for rent. It may seem like an ideal situation to save money and time; however this is not the case in the long run.

Pressure washing equipment is both delicate and powerful at the same time. Improper use of the equipment can lead to injury, damage or both. If you are still wondering why it is best to hire a professional, consider the following reasons.

1. Structures – All buildings and homes are different, but each one does have its weaker points. Windows are a good example. Break a window with a power washer, and you will have a real mess on your hands inside and out. A professional knows the exact pressure to use where and when for the best results.
2. Hidden prices – The price of the washer is one thing, and often there are additional costs such as detergents and bleach. Do you have the free time, often a few hours, set aside to do the job well? If not, this is precious time out of your day or weekend.
3. Dangers – Detergents and bleach are not friendly to skin. Proper protection is recommended. Do you have a set of goggles, heavy duty gloves and the like around the house? Likely not. Why purchase them for a one time use?
4. Damage – You blow out a window and soak the interior of your home. You are on the hook for the bill and for the damage. Yes; you have homeowner’s insurance, but the damage will still have money out of pocket and a chance of premiums increasing. A professional company is often bonded up to one million dollars. This means you will be in safe hands.
5. It all comes back – Dirt, grime and mold will return at some point. A professional company can give you tips to maintain your home between washings and possibly save some money in the process.

Be sure to give Triangle Legacy Flood Restoration and Carpet Cleaning a call before you try to wash your home on your own. We will give you a free, no obligation estimate that will suit your needs and budget.