Odor Removal Service

By utilizing the most effective technologies on the market, our team at Triangle Legacy is committed to permanently eliminating foul odors from homes and businesses.

Now, we are in no way oblivious to the fact that there is a myriad of home remedies ‘out there’ that claim to offer superior malodor elimination potential, however, the keyword here is ‘claim’, because the vast majority of these Do-It-Yourself (DIY) techniques are merely superficial. While they might ‘get the job done’ initially, in more cases than not, the foul odor recurs soon thereafter.

Here at Triangle Legacy, we believe that in order to properly eliminate any and all unpleasant odors from homes and businesses, it is imperative that the root cause of the malodor must be:

  1. Revealed
  2. Arrested
  3. Eliminated

Specificity Rules!

When it comes to odor removal, one size most certainly does NOT fit all!

The most relevant odor elimination technique that must be employed in any particular situation is highly dependent upon on the root cause of the odor at hand.

  • For example, in order to permanently eliminate odors that result from the uric acid crystallization in pet urine, it is necessary to employ bio-enzymatic technology (in one form or another), as described in one of our previous articles Breaking the Cycle: The Chemistry of Pet Urine Odor Removal. However, bio-enzymatic technology would not be relevant or effective in removing the signature musty odor caused by the mold & mildew incognito.

The bottom line here is…….

  • In order to properly eliminate any foul odor and avoid lingering/recurring smells, the elimination technique of choice must be relevant to the root cause of the odor, thereby making this a better job for the Pros, wouldn’t you say?

The root cause!

The first step to odor removal is identifying the root cause.

A bad odor may temporarily ‘go away’ if you ventilate the room, bathe the pet, clean the floor, and throw away all rotten food. BUT, if the root of the problem is not effectively revealed, arrested and eliminated, the foul odor will undoubtedly return and ultimately become a recurring problem.

To aggravate the situation, failure to eliminate bad odors from the root, may create a breeding ground for more contaminants, and subsequently more stench!

So, what’s important?

First and foremost, tackle the odor from its source!

Possible root causes of bad odor

  • Pet odor and pet urine odor removal

Pets tend to urinate on carpets and couches. To aggravate the situation, they almost always make it a habit of returning to the same spot to urinate.

What causes them to do the latter?

The odor from the previously dried urine stain acts in a manner analogous to a gravitational pull, thereby causing them to repeat the vicious ‘pee’-cycle.

At Triangle Legacy, we know that this vicious cycle can only be broken when the odor from the previously dried urine stain has been permanently eliminated.

We also know how to make that happen. Break the cycle, that is!

In addition to pet stain and pet odor removal services, our team at Triangle Legacy also provides professional carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services, employing the most relevant technique for the situation at hand!

  • Cigarette Smoke Odor

Cigarette smoke is typically absorbed by carpet & rug fibers, upholstery and even drywall. It therefore has the tendency to cause extremely intense malodors that linger for a very long while – even well after a smoker quits smoking or vacates a premises.

The reality of the situation…….

Cigarette odor elimination is multifaceted and should be left to professionals like the team at Triangle Legacy because simply changing the carpet or rugs and painting over drywall may not be sufficient to do permanent justice to this type of odor.

  • Fire/Smoke Damage

Fire-starting is not particularly a hobby of most ‘regular’ people.

However, every now and then a perfectly planned dinner gets ruined because of an inadvertent kitchen fire, or a home goes up in flames because someone fell asleep before they could quench their cigarette. Regardless of the cause, all that is typically left behind is the heavy odor of smoke, ash and probably an instantly purged appetite.

Life happens!

Fires typically leave in their wake, the heavy odor of smoke, which is as catastrophic as the fire itself, as a peculiar smell is subtly absorbed deep within the carpet fibers and upholstery.

Fire damage restoration is no ‘walk in the park’, and because we fully comprehend the magnitude of the situation, at Triangle Legacy, we make it our mission to take care of you and your loved ones.

We start by quickly and efficiently eliminating the unpleasant odor that undoubtedly has detrimental health implications.

As an added benefit, we boast expertise in disaster restoration.

  • Water/Flood Damage and Mold Infestation

These two tend to go hand in hand. Where there is water damage, conspicuous or not, mold infestation is bound to follow if water damage restoration is not carried out promptly and efficiently. Water damage, in combination with humidity, warmth, dark, faulty air ducts has the uncanny potential to rapidly convert a once perfect environment into a mold infested ‘petri dish’!

Are Malodors a cause for Concern?

Well, apart from the fact that malodors are extremely unpleasant, they also have the tendency to become detrimental after long term exposure. Also more often than not, they are indicators of more intricate and potentially costly problems if not tackles promptly.

Potential detriments of long term malodor exposure

  • Compromised indoor air quality
    • Indoor air quality can be compromised by the presence of bacteria and mold spores. Without prompt and efficient odor removal remedies these microorganisms tend to multiply rapidly and soon so they become rampant in the air that you and your loved ones inhale as well as surfaces that you might come in contact with.
  • Compromised quality of health
    • Like a domino effect, compromised air quality sooner or later leads to compromised health, wellbeing and life as a whole. The most common effects on human health include migraines, skin irritations, asthma, allergies, watery eyes, coughing, dizziness, sneezing, shortness of breath and other like problems, depending on the extent of contamination.
  • Compromised property resale value
    • The re-sale value of the property may take potentially take a massive hit. Stinky homes and offices don’t particularly make the best impression on potential buyers. In order to sell a foul smelling house, one may have to settle for a dramatic price cut. Why should you?

Our service guarantee

While some problems are avoidable, others are not. Either way, Triangle Legacy is here to help. We provide expert odor removal service and utilize the most effective and relevant techniques and products specific to your situation.

We guarantee you that will re-service your affected property at no cost to you (within 10 days of the initial treatment) if the odor in question lingers within 48 hours from the original service date.

Our Mode of Operation

Our team knows that in this line of business, one size does not fit all. Therefore, we treat each of our client’s needs as unique.

Typically, after scrutinizing each individual request/need, we devise customized solutions.

Regardless of each customized solution however, our ultimate goal is the same. We help you maintain your property in excellent condition, all the while incorporating both aesthetics and safety into the solution.

With integrity, reliability, professionalism, expertise and passion as our trademarks, your satisfaction is our guarantee.

For a free consultation and estimate, call us at (301) 523-9419.

Service Areas

We currently serve all areas within a 30 mile radius of Washington D.C Metropolitan Area including Alexandria and Springfield in Northern Virginia.