How Often Should You Have your Business Furniture Cleaned?

Furniture cleaningWhat’s one of the first things clients and guests see as they enter your place of business? Its appearance! The condition of your furniture and flooring in your work place is a direct reflection of the degree of professionalism and care your company exudes. Think about patronizing a business and instantly noticing dusty furniture and dirty floors. Would you be inclined to think that they’re thorough and professional in the business they carry out? Below are a few answers to some typical questions about cleanliness and upkeep in the workplace!

What should be cleaned in your place of business?

Flooring– Laminate and hardwood must be treated on a weekly basis, and occasionally more often depending upon the quantity of foot traffic the workplace gets. Carpeting ought to be steam cleaned and vacuumed.

Countertops – That includes surfaces like tables and desks. Do not forget kitchen counters, too!

Furniture – No matter which material it’s made of, your furniture in the workplace should be cleaned regularly. Furniture which is utilized by visitors of your business may become untidy quickly, and furniture which is just for decoration may gather unsightly dust.

Bathrooms – The bathroom, as one of the most typical areas germs are spread, is a space of your workplace which needs thorough and regular cleaning.

How often should your furniture be cleaned?

That mainly depends upon how much foot traffic your business sees. If you do business inside a small office that has little to no visitors and very few employees, the furniture more than likely will take a little longer to become dirty than a larger business that sees a multitude of visitors a day. Pay attention to dust and dirt accumulation on furniture and schedule a cleaning accordingly. If you have a desire to be sure the project is done right, contact Triangle Legacy!

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