Pet Odor & Carpet Stain Removal in Washington DC Metro Area: Pet Oopsies!

Pet Odor & Carpet Stain Removal in Washington DC Metro AreaNever say never! We all know that where there’s a will, there’s a way! And we also know that certain situations give us no other option but to find a way, don’t we?

Have you ever invited someone over to your place, and just as they entered the threshold of your remarkable home, you could not help but notice that they wrinkled their nose and held their breath for just a moment. As they politely smiled at you and hop-scotched across the room towards a relatively fresh looking corner of your expensive new love seat!

Somehow, you just knew that this was going to be an exceptionally short visit. However, being fully aware that your home didn’t quite smell like fresh daisies, shall we just say that you were not particularly sorry to see them go… when the time came to say your good byes. This was your home, and as far as you and your family were concerned anyone who could not accept ‘Rover’ and all of his ‘accoutrements’ was simply not welcome, period!

We Understand!

Our team at Triangle Legacy, would like you to know that we hear you, we agree with you and we are here to represent you! You should not have to choose between the furry members of your family and your friends!

We would also like to assure you even though accidents happen, pet odor and stain removal happens too. We make the latter happen, as we utilize our expertise in carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning throughout the Washington DC metropolitan area. So breathe easy……no pun intended!

Do-it-Yourself (DIY)

The internet is loaded with an abundance of reagents and a variety of techniques that you may use as a home remedy for pet ‘oopsies’! Be it baking soda, cornstarch, vinegar or hydrogen peroxide, most home remedies generally employ the basic chemistry concept:

Acid + Base = Salt and Water, (which implies odor be-gone)……..for a little while!

Now, DIY’s may be all well and good, but have you thought about the real health implications of long term exposure to pet waste?

Health hazards

  • Allergies: For people who are relatively susceptible, pet urine odor, dander and pollen can each aggravate severe allergic reactions.
  • Ammonia: This is an extremely pungent compound and a significant component found in dog urine. It has the tendency to cause an irritating burning sensation to the eyes and lungs. Long term exposure is not ideal.
  • Disease: Pet accidents stand the potential of exposing the entire family to diseases which may be transmitted through the waste.
  • Microbe Garden: Sites of pet accidents have the potential of serving as a breeding ground for a host of bacteria and fungi and even mold! Needless to say, an infestation of mold would introduce a whole new set of removal and remediation challenges.
  • Children: Children must be vigilantly and meticulously shielded from sites of pet ‘oopsies’ because due to the fact that their lungs and immune systems are still developing, they fall into the ‘exceptionally susceptible’ population category.

Contrary to popular belief, you cannot put a price tag on everything. Three perfect examples are good health, contentment and peace of mind!

At Triangle Legacy, we sincerely believe that you deserve the best of all worlds.

  • To have as many furry friends as you please
  • To have healthy and happy children and parents
  • To have confidence to host gatherings in your own home because the latter smells like fresh air!

Our team at Triangle Legacy, is committed to taking care of you so that you can take care of yours. Our mission is to ensure that you are %100 satisfied because when you are happy, we are happy!

For a free consultation and estimate please contact us Toll Free at 1-800-830-3324. We currently service the Washington DC Metropolitan Area.