Pet Odor Removal & Carpet Cleaning Washingon DC – Meeting the Biggest Challenge of Owning Pets

Pet owners often have to deal with pet ‘accidents’. While they train their young pets to eliminate at appropriate place, the owners too have to teach themselves pet odor removal techniques and clean the area in the most hygienic manner.

The worst part of pet odor is that if it is not removed in time, the problem may worsen and get beyond repair. This is so because cats and dogs have the tendency to relieve where they smell the scent of their own urine or feces. So if the odor is not removed completely, your pet is likely to return to the accident area; and then your carpet will turn into a war zone of sorts. If this happens, the only option left with you would be to replace the carpet.

First step after the accident

While your young pet may have the liberty to relieve himself on the carpet the moment you turn your back, your expensive carpet does not render you this option. If you love your carpet, you’ll immediately need to get down to manage the crisis situation.

If the area is still wet, soak as much urine as possible using thick layers of paper towels. Repeat the process, till the area is barely damp.

In case the area has already dried out, you will need to locate the accident area. If the area is invisible, you may take help of the black light to identify the region. You may lightly mark it with a chalk to know where you need to target your efforts.

Removing the odor

The best approach to removing odor and preventing stains from spreading is to clean inwards. You may take help of natural pet odor absorbent substances such as baking soda, vinegar, rubbing alcohol, lemon etc to eliminate the odor. Baking soda works wonderfully well but it is advisable to check its compatibility on your carpet by using it on a small inconspicuous area. If it passes compatibility test you can sprinkle it over the designated area. Allow to dry and pat the area lightly using a clean towel. The remainder of the substance can be picked up using a vacuum cleaner.

In case, natural substances do not give the desired result, you may consider buying enzyme solution from your pet store. The enzymes have the power to digest the protein found in urine and fecal matter.


If the problem still persists and your carpet still smells of the odor consider hiring carpet cleaning professionals. Reputed carpet cleaning Washington DC companies know the technique of eliminating even the toughest feline urine smell from the carpet. Though professional carpet cleaning in Washington DC comes at a cost, it is very much needed if you wish to maintain the hygiene of your home and want to live in a fresh and fragrant smelling home.