Pink Mold: What is it?

pink moldPink mold: it’s a common reference for the water-borne bacteria called Serratia marcescens. Such mold may be pink — hence its name — however, this isn’t always the case. Pink mold sometimes may appear more orange in color than pink. That’s because room temperatures may cause mold to develop a reddish pigment.

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Besides its color, pink mold frequently has a slimy or fuzzy texture. Typically, it’ll be discovered growing between bathroom tiles, as well as on shower curtains.

Pink Mold: What Causes it to Grow?

When there’s mold growing in your house, it’s vital that you know how it developed. It may help you find out how to efficiently remove it and keep it from reappearing down the line.
As mentioned earlier, mold naturally is present in the air. Mold spores always can be found in the environment, yet they become a problem when they begin to grow into colonies. That occurs when mold spores discover a moisture source and a food source. Once spores have both, the growth of mold appears.

As the colonies of mold grow, mold eats away at the materials and surfaces it’s growing on, which causes serious damage in the process. Knowing that, it’s possible to keep mold from growing by controlling the levels of moisture in your home.

Pink Mold: How is it Hazardous?

Not every species of mold is dangerous; however, those found growing inside usually are hazardous to your health. Pink mold is a type of mold which may be toxic — although not as bad as black mold. Pink mold, regardless, may cause a plethora of health problems for anybody who’s exposed to it. It’s particularly the case for children, seniors, and those who have compromised immune systems. In addition, pets may be at risk of being harmed by mold.

A possible health problem that pink mold may cause is breathing issues. But, there are various other concerns which are also severe, including:
● Pneumonia
● Endocarditis
● Infection of open sores and wounds
● Urinary tract infections (UTIs)
● Bone infections
● Bladder infections
● Blood poisoning

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