How to Prepare Your Carpets for Professional Cleaning

Professional Cleaning Washington DCCarpets are by far the most common floor covering. They are not only beautiful but create a cozy setting in living rooms and bedrooms alike. But with time, the carpet fibers get worn down and are victims of spills. For efficient cleaning and care, professional services should be preferred. But ahead of the team’s arrival, there are some steps you should take to prepare for the cleaning process and make it more efficient.

Vacuum Your Floors

Though the carpet cleaning professionals will work to get rid of all stains and dirt on your carpet, you should vacuum the pet hair, crumbs, and loose debris prior to their arrival. This will allow the professionals to perform an even thorough job of getting rid of dirt lodged deep in the carpet fibers.

Make a List of Areas That Need Special Attention

Truth be told, not all parts of the carpet are worn out. Also, the entire carpet cannot have an equal amount of dirt and debris. Since you know your carpet better, it will help if you make a list of areas that need some special attention.

Hand this list over to the professionals. This will let them know where to focus on so as to restore your carpet to its original shine and condition.

Move the Furniture

So that carpet cleaners have ample time to work on your carpet, move the furniture resting on the carpet away. This will also expose more of the carpet to professional cleaning. If some of the items are too large, consider pushing them against the wall to get them out of the way.

It also is imperative that you lift the drapes and curtains off the floor. This will keep them from getting in contact with the equipment during the cleaning process.

Also, when moving furniture remember to move any fragile item. Professionals will be concentrated on your carpet and not these items. As such it is easy for them to knock them down.


These steps will help you to get better carpet cleaning results – value for your money. If you still are in search of a carpet cleaning professional, Triangle Legacy is more than ready to provide you with quality service.