Preparing for the Holidays: Don’t forget your Carpet and Upholstery!

It’s the holiday season!carpet-cleaning-triangle-legacy
And while Santa’s to do list might look a little like this……

– Sort out naughty or nice gifts;
– Get reindeer ready;
– Map out trip around the world!
– Etc., etc., etc.

Yours might look a little more realistic…

Something like this:

• Create holiday budget;
• Clip and print coupons for holiday foods you plan to buy;
• Sign, stamp, address and mail cards;
• Hang Christmas lights;
• Decorate Christmas tree;
• Decorate exterior of your home;
• And so on, and so forth…

But wait a minute!

Aren’t you forgetting something?

What about your carpet and upholstery?

– I don’t see an agenda for ‘them’ on your ‘To-do’ list?

Now, remember that no one and nothing was designed to continue to operate at optimum capacity without routine care and maintenance. Not even your carpet and upholstery!

Besides the spirit of the season is really about giving, receiving, sharing, caring and loving, so what better time of year is there than right now, to return ‘the love’ with a little token of your appreciation?

– Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Services!

That way, when all the fun is all over, and friends and loved ones have all left, your carpet and upholstery will be ‘ready’ to serve you and your loved ones for yet another year!

The Down and Dirty!

Let’s keep it real!

Carpets laden with dried pet excreta, bacteria, viruses, mold and ‘dust bunnies’ do put a damper on the spirit of the season, don’t they! Psychologically speaking!

So, no matter how busy you find yourself this holiday season, carpet and upholstery cleaning should be somewhere on your priority list!

– But Why?

A few excellent reasons why you should invest in carpet and upholstery cleaning before the Holidays:

1. Confidence Booster: Just knowing that your home looks more vibrant and actually smells clean and fresh makes you want to shrug your shoulders back and lift your head high, doesn’t it?

– Seriously, wouldn’t knowing that you could proudly attend to ‘the Queen of England’ in your home, even if she showed up unannounced, make you want to puff your chest out, even just a little bit?

2. Welcoming Energy: Clean fresh carpets and upholstery have the uncanny capacity to exude a welcoming energy, whether you know it or not!

3. Healthy Indoor environment: Healthy indoor environment includes air quality too! Just a single ‘before the holidays’ carpet and upholstery cleaning has the massive potential to keep maladies and allergies at bay and instead, encourage an ailment free holiday season with friends and family.

– Got kids? Got pets? “Do the math!”

4. ‘Cozy Zone’ Expansion: By arranging to have your carpets and upholstery cleaned in anticipation of the holidays, you subconsciously expand your comfort/cozy zone from couch only to couch and carpet! Two for the price of one!

– I mean, who doesn’t like sprawling out on a fresh clean carpet, to watch a movie, read a book, or play with the dog? So much better than the couch!

The bottom line?
Routine carpet & upholstery cleaning is a healthy habit to acquire and maintain, holiday season or not!