Preventing and Treating Mold in Carpets

Mold in Carpets washington dcIf the mold inside your carpet is fairly new, and has yet to reach the deep recesses of its fibers, expert cleaning might salvage your carpet. However, if the mold is widespread and more advanced, the mold-infested areas of your carpet must be removed by a skilled professional. At Triangle Legacy Flood Restoration & Carpet Cleaning, our experienced mold remediation experts are full of specialists which will efficiently and safely solve any mold issue.


The most efficient method of handling mold in the carpet includes preventing it from initially forming. Below are 3 methods of stopping mold before it gets started.


In order to thrive, mold requires moisture, something abundant within locations that have frequently high levels of humidity. To deprive mold of the water necessary to survive, think about using a dehumidifier to control the level of moisture in the air of your home. Shoot for an interior level of humidity under 50 percent.

Anti-Mold Carpet Padding

One other strategy for mold prevention includes making spaces susceptible to spores, such as carpets, as inhospitable as possible. One good method of doing that includes installing rubber-slab carpet padding that has anti-microbial properties. Even though it might cost a little more than a traditional carpet pad, it might save you from a larger cost in the future: fully replacing mold-ridden carpeting.

Intelligently Clean

Stains and spills are unavoidable, yet making wise decisions as to how you should clean them may go a long way in preventing mold. For instance, use a powder cleanser on the carpet prior to using a liquid solution. If you use water or wet cleanser, make certain that you dry the affected space thoroughly and quickly.

If you suspect your house has an issue with mold, contact Triangle Legacy Flood Restoration & Carpet Cleaning immediately before a small issue becomes a disaster.

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