Professional Carpet Cleaning Potomac, Maryland

We, the professionals of Triangle Legacy, are committed to achieving the most remarkable results in all our carpet cleaning jobs. We give you carpets that are clean, healthy and free of unpleasant odors. Periodic cleaning appointments with us are sure to enhance the longevity of your carpets. 


What vacuum cleaning does?

After a nicely done job of sweeping and vacuuming, your carpets may appear clean and inviting. Vacuuming does clean the surface of the fibers well but does it reach beneath the surface? No. Gravity pulls in some of the dust and debris into the deeper layers of carpets or rugs over time; then they get trapped there in sizeable amounts. Every time you step on the carpet, irrespective of whether you are wearing or not wearing shoes, some dirt gets pushed into the fiber that is impossible to extract for a vacuum cleaner. To get rid of it, you need the services of a professional carpet cleaner. 

Steam cleaning method for cleaning deeply embedded debris

We have the reputation of being the best carpet cleaner in Potomac, MD owing to our experience, expertise and latest equipment in steam cleaning. The method uses a strong jet of steam to loosen the dirt and debris trapped inside carpets. At the same time, we initiate the process of extracting the loosened particles along with moisture out of your carpets. The result is clean, stain-free and odorless carpets. 

We leave your premises smelling fresh and inviting

We clean with such efficiency that even minor traces of any pet odors get removed after a session with us. When necessary, we employ special sanitizing and deodorizing techniques. 

We have on-site and off-site facilities for cleaning rugs

Rugs come in a large variety and are often more delicate than carpets. Only an experienced cleaner should be given the task of deep cleaning your priceless area rugs. At Triangle Legacy, we are trained and experienced in handling rugs of all types. We carefully assess the best method for cleaning your rugs based on their fabric and size. Sometimes it is more appropriate to dry clean a rug, which is done off-site and other times is makes greater sense to employ on-site cleaning methods similar to carpet cleaning.

The Carpet and Rug Institute recommends deep cleaning carpets every 12-18 months. Follow the guideline and get the best use of your valuable rugs and carpets. The investment is effectively returned through enhanced carpet life and a pleasanter environment for your home or workplace.

For all your professional rug & carpet cleaning needs in Potomac, Maryland, Call Triangle Legacy at 202-888-2960.