Questions to Ask Prior to Hiring Carpet Cleaning Services

Nowadays, it is not always that simple to differentiate between a reputable carpet cleaning service and one that is less than trustworthy. However, getting the answers to the following 4 questions will place you on the correct journey to making a wise decision.

Do you offer written, free estimates?

Surprises might be fantastic for anniversaries and birthdays yet no one enjoys being caught off guard by unforeseen expenses. Therefore, as you consider a carpet cleaning company, be certain they offer complete written estimates prior to any work starting.

At Triangle Legacy Flood Restoration & Carpet Cleaning, we want our customers to understand precisely what they’re getting and how much they might expect to pay. To make sure this happens, a team member will review your office or home, become familiar with your expectations, and offer a free, accurate quote.

Do you use safe product for cleaning?

Our houses are our sanctuaries, yet most common cleaning agents have harsh chemicals which may be harmful to those we love most. That is why it is critical that you check to see that your carpet cleaning company is only using the safest products.

What kind of certifications and training do your technicians have?

Similar to your computer or car your carpet is a substantial investment. Therefore, if you would not trust your car to any ‘ol mechanic, or your computer to someone who has a tech hobby, why on earth would you allow anyone but a professional to care for your carpeting?

Can you offer client reviews and references?

There isn’t any better sign of the degree of professionalism and service you might expect from a given company than the feedback offered by their clientele.

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