Ready or Not Here ‘He’ Comes: A Fall Maintenance Checklist

It’s that time of year again where vibrant foliage, cooler temperatures and shorter days, all make way for a possible winter wonderland with inevitable freezing temperatures!
Oh but the wonders of foresight!
Foresight: The ability to anticipate what may be needed in the future!
Small word, enormous impact!!!

Foresight, and its lack thereof!Water Damage Restoration Washington DC
In regards to seasonal transitions such as fall to winter, the lack of foresight has the potential to cost you dearly. On the contrary, even the smallest hint of it may be all that is needed to create a seamless transition from ‘trick or treat’, candy corn, pumpkins and turkey to more turkey, gift-laden Christmas trees and cozy moments around the fire with family and friends!

The Fact of the Matter
The fact of the matter is, before you know it, ‘Old Man Winter’ will be here and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it!

To make matters worse ‘Old Man Winter’ as we know ‘him’ is notoriously unpredictable. ‘He’ typically shows up fully clad in all ‘his’ regalia, and there’s no telling which accoutrement ‘he’ will show off this year!

• Sleet, Snow, Storm of the Century, you name it!

So, your best combat mechanism against ‘him’ this year, is to exercise foresight and be prepared, before the fact!

What could possibly happen?

A lot actually!

And it almost always stems from unwanted water intrusion in your home that escalates from primary water damage to secondary water damage, and subsequently to mold infestations, etc., etc., etc.

Water has 3 phases, did you know that?
• Solid: such as ice, snow
• Liquid: such as rain water
• Gas: such as water vapor or atmospheric moisture.
So, if you leave any potential ‘portals’ to your home open, water will invite itself in, regardless of its phase.

Exercise Foresight!

So as a means of being proactive, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I have any missing shingles on my roof?
  • Are the gutters of my home clogged?
  • Are there any signs of hidden water intrusion?
  • How do the ceilings in my home look? Intact?
  • What about the seals around the windows and doors of my home? Are they broken?
  • Is there a crack in the foundation of my home?
  • What about the downspouts? Are they angled properly and away from the foundation of my home?
  • Etc., etc., etc.

Remember that it’s currently fall season, so if not now, then when?

Don’t leave anything to chance!

A Fall Maintenance Checklist:
• Check the Roof
It is imperative that you arrange to have the shingles on your roof thoroughly inspected. They must be properly situated, and also free of cracks, holes and/or any damage.

While ‘you’ are up there, check your:

  • Chimney Flashing
    Flashing can become damaged over the years or due to normal wear and tear and natural elements. If this issue is not addressed promptly and efficiently it will ultimately allow unwanted water intrusion into your home.
  • Gutters and Downspouts
    These must be free of leaves, debris or anything else that could obstruct water.
    Are they cracked? Repair them!
    Can’t be fixed? Replace them!

• Inspect Windows and Doors
These might need caulking.
You might want to have weather stripping installed as well. If you do decide to, ensure that it fits properly, otherwise improper closure could subsequently cause bigger headaches.

• Time to give your Equipment a Physical
At the turn of the season, arrange to have your heater and HVAC system inspected.
Apart from the fact that outdoor units could become clogged with debris, when temperatures dip compromised pipes could break from freezing.

• Attic
When was the last time you visited your attic?
Remember, that the latter is the frontier to the interior of your home. In other words, any roof leaks will most likely strike your attic first.

And while you’re there, check your:

  • Air Ducts too (if they happen to be in your attic).
    Any cracks? Repair them! Otherwise you stand the risk of potentially compromised indoor temperatures which could subsequently result in an elevation in residential energy costs.

The Bottom Line
It’s better to be proactive and willingly invest in preventive maintenance now than to unwillingly have to ‘break the bank’ later as a result of lack of foresight and a subsequent calamitous winter.

After all, ready or not, ‘Old Man Winter’ is on ‘his’ way, and any potential challenges that ‘he’ brings cannot typically be swept ‘under the carpet’ because ultimately, it almost always start to smell, and deteriorate!

In the long run, just a little bit of foresight, can ensure that ‘Trick or Treat’, ‘Candy Corn’, ‘Pumpkins’ and ‘Turkeys’ can all make a seamless transition to more turkeys, gift-laden Christmas Trees and cozy moments around the fire with family and friends, without ever having to worry about whether the ‘sky is falling’, literally!