Remodeling: Kitchen Trends 2016

Who said that the busiest place and time in the Washington D.C Metropolitan area is the Capital Beltway during rush hour?

  • Have you looked at looked at your family kitchen during meal times lately?
  • How about during the holidays?

Kitchen Remodeling Washington DCThe kitchen has been rumored to be the most trafficked room in the entire house, yet it is still fondly referred to as the ‘heart’ of the home by many! In that light, it would be both beneficial and wise to ensure that the ‘heart’ of your home is in ‘tip-top’ shape at all times, just as you would do for your own heart, or the heart of a loved one!  Think about it this way……..

Just as a ‘heart-connection’ is crucial to two people falling in love, the ‘heart of the home’ connection is equally paramount to a potential love relationship between an individual and a home! Whether you intend to sell your home in the near future or not, there are several advantages to remodeling your kitchen. A few of the many advantages include:

  • The potential to substantially increase the market value of your property;
  • The opportunity to correct certain existing features;
  • The opportunity to add more space;
  • The opportunity to make it more energy efficient;
  • The opportunity to create a more modern or luxurious environment.

Keeping up with the times involves embracing new trends and whether you choose to participate in them or not, you can never go wrong knowing. After all, ‘knowledge is power!’ A few of the latest kitchen remodeling trends include:

The ‘Hi-Tech’ Makeover

According to an article in Forbes, most kitchens will be lining up for a ‘hi-tech’ makeover this year. Let’s just say that by the time ‘it’s’ all over, several previously quaint little kitchens will be boasting enhancements ranging from designated spots for storing and charging smart devices like phones and tablets to state of the art appliances like built in coffee makers.

The Goal: Convenience and class!

Integrated Kitchen/Living Space

The kitchen/living space union is the new fad! Seeing that ‘it’s’ all about togetherness lately, the quintessential kitchen just doesn’t quite make the cut this year! However, merging the kitchen and living room spaces by including hidden and integrated appliances, seems to do the trick.

The Goal: To keep the ‘heart of the home’ (the kitchen) connected to the rest of the home!

Maximize Space

There is nothing worse than an overwhelmed kitchen! Meal preparation can take twice if not three times as long to accomplish, for the lack of space. If you are going to remodel your kitchen anyway, why not maximize your food preparation space. Think residential kitchen with a hint of commercial flair!

The Goal: Efficiency and comfort!

Well Lit Cabinetry

Why settle for ceiling lights and table lamps only, when you can have extensive cabinet lighting too? Lately, low-voltage light tape strips are being used to accentuate cabinets. They are typically placed above and inside cabinets, as well as below countertop overhangs.

The Goal: Comfort and ambience enhancement!


Seeing that ‘Today is yesterday’s future’, technically, the future is here! The main point, automation is in! From hands-free faucets to sensor activated lights and smart phone integrated alarms, why not infuse some convenience and exhilaration into the humdrum of your daily grind?

The Goal: Convenience!

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