How to Remove Gum from the Carpet

Remove Gum Carpet Stain washington dcWhether it fell to the floor within a bubble blowing contest or was tracked in on your shoe, gum may be one of the most challenging stains to get out of the carpet. Here is how you can remove it:


Begin by taking some ice cubes from the freezer and putting them inside a ziploc bag, and make sure you seal it tightly to avoid leakage. Next, directly place the ice onto the stain for around 30 minutes. As the gum becomes frozen stiff, it’s possible to softly start to lift it from the carpet. Also, the gum might begin crumbling, and allow you to merely pick up any bigger pieces. Resist the temptation to tear the gum quickly as to avoid pulling a patch of fibers up along with it.

As this ought to take care of most of the gum, a few stubborn remnants might remain. With the use of a clean rag, dab a small bit of muscle rub creme, like Ben Gay, which will contain methyl salicylate.


One other way to get gum out of the rug or carpet includes heating it up. Although, one word of caution: heat severely can damage sensitive fibers, especially wool. If there are any doubts about the carpet’s capability of withstanding substantial heat, it is suggested to use the icing method, mentioned above.

First, get a plastic grocery bag or some plastic wrap. Next, grab a hair dryer from the bathroom, set the dryer on high heat, and directly aim it at the gum stain. As the gum becomes warmed, gradually lift the stain of gum from your carpet with the use of the plastic wrap.

With the above methods it’s possible to effectively and quickly remove gum from the carpet or rug, using things you already have in your home. If you aren’t satisfied, do not hesitate to contact an expert cleaning service.

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