Renovation/Remodeling Washington DC: A few things to think about…before you do!

renovationThe mere thought of transforming your mundane home into an exceptional place of abode can be extremely exhilarating. You get to dream! Yet, while there is absolutely no harm in dreaming, the tendency to get ‘carried away’, is all too real! In that light, should any renovation or remodeling projects be on your ‘radar’ in the near or distant future, here are a few things that you might want to think about, before you do!

A. The Why?

There are so many reasons that call for the genesis of a renovation/remodeling project. While the end result is typically very rewarding, the process itself can be rather tedious and stressful, if proper planning is not done prior to commencement of the project. It therefore makes sense to ponder over why you want to invest in the project, before you actually do!

A few popular ‘whys’ include:

  • To increase the re-sale value of your home/property thereby ultimately enhancing its sales potential.
  • To modernize your home/property for personal comfort as an alternative to selling and having to move.
  • To personalize a recently purchased home/property, so that it ultimately exudes the essence of you!
  • To create more space.
  • To ‘Go Green’ and convert your home/property into an energy efficient zone.
  • To prepare for a novel stage of life such as ‘expanding your family’ or ‘preparing for retirement.’

B. Be Realistic

Unicorns, rainbows, pixie dust & fairy tales……. a little fantasy never hurt anyone, correct? In your dreams, that is!  When it comes to renovating/remodeling your home/property, there is everything wrong with fantasy! It is imperative that you remain realistic. Have a little ‘tete a tete’ with yourself and ask yourself some questions, before you do!

  • What are your wants and what are your needs?
  • What must you tackle first and what can wait?
  • Can you afford this project from start to finish?
  • Will this project be funded in stages or all at once?

C. The Research
Before you do, it might behoove you to have a general idea about what you want exactly. Look around you!

  • What do you currently like or dislike about your current home/property?
  • Can you clearly communicate what you ultimately want to someone other than yourself? If necessary, clip photos from magazines to use as a visual aid when trying to articulate what only you can see in your ‘mind’s eye’.
  • Some renovation/remodeling companies offer free consultations and estimates. Take advantage these free consultations to give you a better idea about the feasibility of what you have visualized in your mind’s eye!

D. The Budget

There is ‘nothing worse’ than starting a major renovation/remodeling project and running out of funds, right smack in the middle of it! Therefore, it is very important that you measure your ‘fantasy’ against your ‘reality’,before you do!

  • Do your homework! Talk to a friend who has ‘been there/done that’ in terms of a similar renovation/remodeling project and ask questions. Lots of them!
  • With a better idea about what you want in mind, window shop and compare costs of potential materials.
  • To the best of your ability, pick out every (major) thing you might need for the project and determine how much everything will cost down to delivery fees!
  • This point is extremely important: Budget an extra 20% of the total potential cost of the entire project (including materials and labor) for inevitable surprises!

E. The Right Contractor

  • Rumor has it that the best contractors are discovered by word of mouth! But if all else fails, you can always use the internet or yellow pages!

At Triangle Legacy, we provide a wide range of quality renovation & remodeling services to residential and commercial clients in the Washington D.C Metropolitan Area.

We view each project as unique, so we work diligently and meticulously to ensure that all work is completed according to any and all specifications laid down by the client.

We understand that communication is essential, so we provide a free complimentary consultation & estimate prior to the commencement of any job. During our free consultation, we typically meet with you at a location of your choosing, to explore all possibilities. There we work to define your goals, evaluate your budget and begin transforming your renovation/remodeling dreams into reality!

For a free consultation relative to your renovation/remodeling needs, please contact us at (301) 523-9419 or Toll Free at 1-800-830-3324.

We currently serve the Washington D.C Metropolitan Area including Alexandria, Springfield, Arlington and Fairfax County in Virginia.


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