How to Repair Water Damage to Hardwood Floors

Whether it is from tropical storms, flooding rains, malfunctioning ice makers, or plumbing issues, flooded wood wood floor water damage washington dcflooring is a common occurrence. As hardwood floors become flooded you’ll start to see indications of damage like cupping, which is a situation in which the corners of every wood plank become higher than the plank’s center. Even after you have seen indications of this type of water damage, with the proper expertise and equipment, many hardwood floors may be completely restored, yet time will be of the essence.

To correctly dry hardwood flooring, as the standing water is extracted and dehumidifiers set up, specialty floor mats which form a seal against the flooring is placed on affected spaces. The floor mats are connected by vacuum hose to the negative side of the high-pressure blowers which pull the trapped water vapor up from the floor’s subsurface. As the water vapor is being extracted, it’s also being replaced by the dryer air inside the room which is being generated by the dehumidification equipment. Therefore, the moist air from all evaporating water is continuously being drawn from under the flooring as the dry warm air generated by the dehumidifiers is drawn in.

Simply removing surface water, setting dehumidification equipment up and blowing dry air around wet hardwood flooring won’t dry them. Even if they’re dry, the subsurface will remain wet and is the perfect condition for microbial growth as wood continuously deteriorates.

Water damage may affect all things from floors, wall cavities and walls, ceiling cavities and ceilings, cabinetry, and air quality. Expert water damage specialists are skilled to quickly dry a structure as you control moisture levels inside the air in order to prevent secondary damage to spaces which weren’t initially damaged.

If your wood floors have been damaged by a flood, contact the professionals at Triangle Legacy Flood Restoration and Carpet Cleaning. Our process is sure to erase the damage without any sign of it even happening.