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When it comes to rug cleaning, you should never settle for less! Especially if you live in the Northern Virginia, then you have no excuse whatsoever! Among other skills, the team at Triangle Legacy boasts expertise in area rug cleaning services. Together, we work efficiently, effectively and passionately to meet your goals and expectations.

We are key communicators, so via our free consultation and estimate service which is complimentary, we answer any questions that you may have relative to your potential area rug cleaning service, and we provide you with a better visual of exactly what you are looking at. We provide you with enough information to make an informed decision about whether you would like to proceed with the task at hand and whether you would like our team to provide you with such services. We offer all this with ‘no strings attached’!

In addition, should you decide to employ our services for your area rug cleaning needs, we offer flexible scheduling to suit your individual busy life style, and come well-equipped! We use ecofriendly products that keep your rugs looking and feeling good, long term. Each member of our team of professionals has expert knowledge relative to specific care that may be required by specific handmade and machine-made rugs.

Rest assured, we first evaluate the fibers of each rug prior to selecting the appropriate cleaning products and specific technique. It is our priority to ensure that each rug is deeply cleaned but delicately handled in the process.

Residential and Commercial rug cleaning services in Northern VA

Although day-to-day rug care includes vacuuming, shaking and brushing out of hair, particulate matter and fluff, these tasks are not enough for the proper long-term care and maintenance of valuable area rugs. Heavy foot traffic and potential stains still have the potential to ultimately make them look bad. Not to mention pet urine will undeniably make them smell foul! Also, allergens, trapped dirt, and bacteria don’t just ‘go away’!

At Triangle Legacy, we are well versed in the ‘know-how’ of area rug care. It is our utmost priority via our rug cleaning service, to keep homes and businesses in the Northern Virginia areas free from hazardous particles which won’t only ruin rugs, but also have the potential to compromise indoor air quality and sabotage potentially good health.

Got stains? Contact Triangle Legacy

At Triangle Legacy, we don’t only ‘freshen up’ your area rugs, but also have the expertise to tackle other deep-seated problems like stain and odor removal.

  • Did you spill wine?
  • Did the kids stain the silk rug with finger-paints?
  • Does the dog keep ‘peeing’ on your wool rug?
    • Does it stink as a result?
    • Does it look unsightly?

The reality of the matter is that accidents happen in every home, every day!

The good news? The team at Triangle Legacy know how to handle most, ……rug related at least!

Our ‘M.O’

We typically check the label of any rug first. Then we ask ourselves specific questions: Is it an antique rug, wool rug or shag rug etc.? You see, we know that the way each rug is woven makes a difference in how easily they absorb stains and how they are effectively cleaned. Once our experts establish the type of rug that you have and the extent of staining, we employ the most suitable cleaning product and technique to remove food stains, pet stains and odors.

The team at Triangle Legacy is very experienced at what we do. If you should ever need area rug services, let us help!

It is important to note however, that if a rug has been exposed to major damage like flooding, it may not always be a candidate for restoration and preservation. At Triangle Legacy, we offer a free consultation and estimate, so why not take advantage of this service.

For all your area rug services, give us a call at (301) 523-9419.

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