What to Do When Sewage Backs Up into Your Basement

Sewage Backs UP Arlington VASewage lines are designed to transport wastewaters from your home though constructed underground plumbing that usually leads to main sewer systems. If there is a clog at any point in the line, the line could get blocked and the sewage may back up into your home. When this happens, what should you do?

Is Sewage Dangerous?

Yes, sewage is dangerous. It is mainly a mixture of waste products and water. The waste products can be organic or inorganic or even both. These wastes include mineral salts, garbage, as well as human waste. While the organic matter does decompose faster, it does emit an odorless gas that can be a health hazard to one’s health. This is more so when the waste is human waste. Organic matter can carry pathogens that are pregnant with disease. It is for this reason that sewage is grouped as Category 3.

What to Do When You Find Sewage Backed Up in Your Basement

When you find sewage in your basement, there are several steps you can take immediately.

First, check on all of the sinks, toilets, as well as pipes for blocks. If you do notice a block, work to clear it up. If it proves difficult, call in a professional.

Second, avoid using the sink and toilets until the sewer blockage has been dealt with.

Lastly, if the water is stagnant and the basement is flooded, you should not enter the basement while the power is still on. The results could be disastrous. Electricity and water are a deadly combination and can kill.

Assess the Risk

It is important to know the level of contamination of the sewer before cleaning it up. The process involved, and method used will vary as a result of the level and type of contamination.

Rather than solving the problem yourself, you should call in a professional to handle the job for you. Triangle Legacy has the knowledge and skill to clean out the basement with great success.