Sewage Cleanup Charlotte NC

Sewage Cleanup Charlotte NCSewer backups are a major emergency and need to be taken care of promptly. Sewage water can contain bacteria, microbes, and viruses that can cause all sorts of illnesses. Because of that, you need someone who has the experience and expertise to come in and get the job done right the first time around. Our team will eliminate the sewage from your Charlotte, NC home promptly and efficiently to prevent anyone from falling ill inside of the space.

There are three different types of water contaminants: clean water, gray water, and black water. Regardless of what type of water you are dealing with, it is crucial that you get it taken care of promptly. That’s where our team of specialists comes into play. To begin, we first have to determine what type of contaminant we are dealing with.

Clean Water

Clean water comes from something like a leaking faucet or broken water line. If you don’t treat this problem right away, it could quickly become something worse. It all depends on how long the problem remains untreated, the temperature of the home, and what contaminants are in the area around the water. While this water is often not as much of a threat to your health and well-being, you still need to get it taken care of promptly to prevent mold from taking over your space.

Gray Water

Gray water has some form of contamination in it and can lead to illness and discomfort. Water like this often comes from a washing machine that has overflowed, dishwasher overflow, or a toilet overflow containing urine. Because this water can contain viruses and bacteria, it is important that you call in someone with the proper equipment to take care of it for you.

Black Water

Anytime you see black water, you need to be extremely cautious. It is extremely contaminated and might cause you to fall ill or even pass away if you ingest the water. This type of water often comes from water extending beyond your toilet trap, water overflowing from a toilet filled with feces, flooding from a nearby stream or river, or standing water with microbial growth. Due to the extreme danger of this type of water, you don’t want to take any chances with it. Turn to our team of sewage cleanup specialists in Charlotte, NC to get it taken care of right away.

Around-the-Clock Service

Regardless of whether the water appears at two in the afternoon or two in the morning, you can count on us to get it taken care of promptly for you. Just give us a call and let us know what it is that you need so we can get it addressed for you. Because we are water damage specialists, we have the right equipment, training, and gear to restore your property safely and protect all of those inside. The last thing we want is for someone to get ill due to contaminated water. Give us a call to discuss what we can do for you.