Signs That The House You’re Hunting For Might Have Had Some Restoration Work Done

water damage restorationDo not make the mistake of thinking everything in your house is going to be perfect because it’s new, or new to you. Problems with a house may be hidden from the naked eye. It might take a closer home inspection to identify those potential problems to avoid home restoration down the line. Here are four red flags to be on the lookout for:

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Possible Structural/ Foundation Issues


It’s vital to pay close attention to a home’s foundation before buying it. It may cost a homeowner thousands of dollars to fix. Check out door frames, basement walls, and the property itself for cracks, leaning, etc. If you really want to be sure, obtain an inspection.

 Stains on the Ceilings and/or Walls 

Usually, this is an indication of water damage. If the problem has been neglected for quite some time it may be more of a problem than you first imagined. Check out the ceilings, walls, under the sinks, inside the cabinetry and any other location that’s exposed to consistent moisture, such as bathrooms. When you see a stain, ask questions.  Has the issue been corrected? Be aware of random patches of new paint; it might also be a tactic to cover prior damage.

 Poor Drainage

Poor drainage systems place your house at risk for major water damage and this can be very expensive. Look for water that is pooling inside the basement or around your yard/house. Water stains on the basement walls, overflowing gutters, and cracking in the foundation also are signs of poor drainage. Be certain the slope of your yard runs away from the foundation of your home to avoid rain run-off making its way indoors.

The Roof’s Appearance and Age 

Damage to the roof can be costly to repair and may lead to additional issues, such as letting water inside the house. Before you settle on a home, check which material the roof is designed of. Is the material caving in, does it have any concerning damage or apparent holes? Have a closer look at the property’s gutters to ensure they are not clogged or corroded. Be certain the roof down pipes are running into storm water drains in order to prevent water damage in the future.

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