Signs You Or Someone You Know Has Compulsive Hoarding Disorder

There are a lot of people who suffer from some sort of a disorder. However, many people with disorders spend many years of their lives without even realizing that they have a disorder. People around you might notice that there is something wrong with your behavior but until they let you know about their observation, you may not realize yourself that there is indeed something wrong with you.

In this blog, we’ll talk about compulsive hoarding or hoarding disorder. Many folks have this disorder but they’re not aware of it. We’ve listed some key signs that indicate toward hoarding disorder. What are those signs? Let’s find out!

You’re Not Able To Use Parts of Your House

Clutter is something that many homeowners face; it’s a common problem. However, if you are suffering from hoarding disorder, you or others around you will surely notice that something is not right in the house. For instance, if you visit the house of a compulsive hoarder, you might see furniture in the middle of the rooms and the outer boundary of the rooms filled with piles of useless objects. You’ll notice that there are only pathways in the whole house to move from one room to another. If this sounds like you, it could be you’re dealing with hoarding disorder.

Your Clutter Is Not Even Organized

As we mentioned above, clutter is common in many homes. However, people who do not have compulsive hoarding disorder, they may have a lot of stuff in their house but they know very well where everything is placed. This may sound funny but their clutter is organized. But when you have compulsive hoarding disorder, your clutter is actually a proper clutter where you do not know where is what. Everything will be stacked randomly, especially in the periphery of the rooms.

Your House Is Filled With Useless Stuff

It is not wrong to have a lot of stuff in your house if all that stuff is useful to you or serve some purpose in your life. But the problem with compulsive hoarders is, they fill their house with stuff that is not even useful to them. For example, they keep storing junk mails, newspapers, catalogs, magazines, etc. Clothes that they haven’t worn for years will be stored in trunks, wardrobes, and suitcases. You’ll find old, broken appliances in their house. If this is you, you might be suffering from compulsive hoarding.

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