Sneaky Leaks Can Result in Massive Water Damage

Water damage typically implies water damage restoration, which subsequently implies ‘money down the drain’, metaphorically speaking!

So, let’s call a spade a spade and not an instrument for digging, shall we?

Whether it be a…….

  • pin hole opening;
  • missing roof shingle;
  • crack in the wall;
  • hairline crack in the basement floor or a
  • broken window seal…….

An entry way is an entry way!

The point here is, regardless of how ‘uninvited’ water may enter your home or property, what really matters is whether it does, (or doesn’t)!

  • Because if it does, you and your entire household may become susceptible to potential water damage of incomprehensible magnitude!

Sneaky Leaks

  • Also known as (aka): ‘Water Intrusion via Inconspicuous Gateways’,
  • Signature: Many property owners’ worst nightmare!
  • Modus Operandi (M.O): ‘Subtle but Detrimental’
  • Your Rebuttal: ‘Vigilant & Proactive’!

The War against Water Intrusion

We are literally surrounded by water!

In our homes alone we have various water supply lines that easily go to and from necessary appliances and equipment. In addition, there may be the existence of external water bodies like rivers, water damage from leaksstreams and lakes nearby, depending on where we live. Plus, there is the added effect of weather related sources like rain, sleet, snow and the likes of them, over which we have absolutely zero control!

Now, we may not be able to control weather related incidents from causing water damage to our homes and properties, however we can definitely be vigilant and proactive about keeping ‘outdoor’ water where it belongs, outdoors……

  • Thereby mitigating our susceptibility to potential water damage.


In one of our previous blogs ‘Signs of Hidden Water Intrusion’, we discuss a few tips on how to be proactive about this, considering the cost after the fact!

Murphy’s Law?

Why is it that every major challenge ‘always’ happens at the most inopportune time?

Somehow, you never seem to notice that missing roof shingle until the eve of the ‘biggest blizzard of the century’!

And now, that ‘sneaky leak’ just cost you………

 An even more severely damaged roof.


  • Effects from the storm;
  • Roof replacement;
  • Emergency water damage restoration
  • Mold remediation & removal
  • Compromised health as a result of mold infestation
  • Time & Money

Damaged insulation in your attic


  • Increased energy bill
  • Water damage restoration
  • Mold remediation & removal
  • Compromised health as a result of mold infestation
  • Exorbitant medical expenses
  • Time & Money

Damaged ceilings and walls in more areas of your home


  • Drywall Replacement
    • Drywall, which is material of choice in the construction of homes these days, is fairly vulnerable to water damage and mold. It has the tendency to act as a sponge and therefore serves as a substrate for mold infestation.
  • Mold remediation & removal
  • Compromised health as a result of mold infestation
  • Exorbitant medical expenses
  • Time & Money

Possibility of nasty falls as a result of unobvious indoor puddles


  • Broken bones
  • Concussions
  • Exorbitant medical expenses
  • Time & Money

Shorted electric circuit in your home as a result of water intrusion


  • Possible Power Outage
  • Unbudgeted electrician expenses
  • Time & Money

Possible structural damage to the foundation of your home/property


  • Collapsed ceilings and buildings
  • Decreased home/property resale value!
  • Total loss of property/investment loss

So, Question: Really?


  • Is it really worth the cost?

The Bottom Line

Let’s beat ‘Murphy’ this season, shall we?

Fall is finally here, beautiful Fall!

As we enjoy the season, let’s remember to scout and proof our homes and properties for and against the tiniest possibility of potential water damage, especially in the coming season!

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