Spring Clean for Allergy Season

Spring Cleaning Ideas Washington DCWhile the majority of us invite the warm weather, for allergy sufferers, spring is full of sniffles, sneezes, and coughs. To make your living area an allergen-free zone, below are 3 spring cleaning ideas to freshen up your house and relieve all symptoms.

Refresh the Carpet

Carpets are like huge air filters, which trap dander and dust inside their fibers until vacuumed up. But, even the most powerful of home vacuums cannot remove every particle, which means allergens are gradually building over time. Once this buildup becomes substantial, your carpeting loses the capability of holding onto all that grime and dirt, which means every time you move around, you are sending allergens into the air.

Deep Clean the Furniture

Just like carpets, your furniture also can be a magnet for allergens, as dust mites burrow inside the recliner while your dog’s afternoon nap leaves pet dander on your sofa. While do-it-yourself cleaning easily will handle day-to-day soiling and stains, it will not extract allergens trapped deep inside your cushions and upholstery. To thoroughly protect your family and yourself, it is an excellent idea to have furniture cleaned professionally at least one time a year.

Search for Standing Water

Sources of standing water such as leaky pipes, cracked foundations, and internal AC’s are breeding grounds for mold. This may mean misery for the ones who have allergies. For smaller problems, consider the use of a dehumidifier that will help extract dampness from the space and keep the growth of spores under control. However, if there’s a more severe problem, like substantial water damage, it is time to call a qualified technician.

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