Start These 4 Summer Home Improvements

Summer Home Improvements washington dcBelow are four summer home improvement and repair projects to hop on now.

Repair all winter damage

First things first: Fix all water damage that was caused by wintertime storms so minor problems do not become major ones. Begin by taking stock of how well the house dealt with the weather. Did any rainwater leak through your roof or run in the through siding? Did your basement flood?

Address damaged siding, leaky roof, or soggy crawlspace or basement as soon as you can. Ultimately, chronic moisture and water damage causes mold and rot. For this work, contact siding or roofing contractors, a general contractor like Triangle Legacy, or waterproofing contractor.

Paint trim and siding

If your property’s trim or siding requires painting, spring includes an excellent time to start this task because preparation, which includes sanding and scraping, might take one or more weeks.

Paint ought to be applied in dry, still weather – ideally within temperatures from 50° to 90°. Prepare to finish painting prior to summer’s heat arriving. As the temperature grows hot, new paint dries too fast, and compromises its durability and adhesion.

Gardens and lawns also welcome early work

Spring includes an excellent period to spray for weeds and aerate the lawn. Plus, you should make certain garden irrigation and sprinklers work properly in preparation for summertime heat.

Like other types of services and contractors, lawn services and landscapers are more likely to be extremely busy as summertime arrives.

Begin with outdoor building

If you have plans to take on outside improvements like re-plastering the swimming pool, putting a new patio in, building a fence, reviving a wood deck or putting in play equipment, do not wait for summertime. Some of those projects will take week to achieve. Get them accomplished now in order for your family to appreciate them as soon as summertime arrives.