Steps to Clean Up Water Damage

As water damage affects you inside your business or home, you must remember that you’ll be handling three stages of repairing water damage and then returning your life back your normal routine.

Water Removal

Typically, it’ll include water extraction to extract the standing water, and removal of wet materials which hold water like; insulation, damaged sheetrock, and carpet padding.


Quick drying through using air movers and dehumidifiers is crucial for mitigating the effects of moisture laden air and water during remediation of water damage. Producing dry air, through using dehumidifiers and directing the air using powerful air movers, will draw the moisture out of structural materials, and hasten their drying. Also, the dehumidifiers prevent secondary damage to spaces which were not initially affected by water.

Water Damage Repair

As the structure is tested by a water damage company to ensure that it’s fully dry, you may start to repair the water damage to get your home or business back to normal. Usually, a water damage remediation business will have taken out baseboards or cove bases and then drilled holes alongside the bottom of the walls in order to facilitate the drying of the walls. Padding, and potentially carpeting, will have been taken out. Damaged sheetrock inside the ceiling which might’ve broken and sagged from retaining water will need to be fixed. Plus all items damaged from water, like; insulation, things damaged by water seeping from the floor above, or wooden flooring that’s beyond repair, will need to be replaced. Many water damage companies who do the drying and water removal also will provide water damage repair. If you’re content with how they dealt with the water damage clean-up, you might want to consider that company for your water damage repair.

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