Summer Storms: A Triangle Legacy Water Damage Prevention Checklist

It’s warm out here in the DMV!

Considering how long the winter months felt, this gorgeous weather is absolutely welcome!

Now, the countdown has begun, and Thursday June 21 will officially mark the first day of summer 2018!


This season is typically associated with sporadic weather ranging from bountiful sunshine to freak and severe storms. Since we have no clue what Summer 2018 will bring, let’s be proactive and make it a good season, shall we?

Let’s ‘water-proof’ your homes…….

Triangle Legacy’s Summer 2018 Water Damage Prevention Checklist

  • Check your plumbing for leaky hoses and loose valves! True, frozen pipes may not necessarily be the topic of discussion this season, however leaky hoses and loose valves can still result in water damage despite the season, Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall!
  • While you’re at it, check the water supply lines and connections to and from your home appliances. You know, the dishwasher, garbage disposal etc.
  • Scout your bathroom for loose or cracked tiles/drywall. Water has a way with crevices, trust us!
  • Check for evidence of water stains on your ceiling. The tiniest spot could signify a potential roof leak due to a missing shingle! Seriously, you do NOT want to find that out in the middle of a torrential downpour.
  • Make sure that your downspout angles away from your home such that water has no way of pooling close to the foundation.
  • Check your window seals and change any that may be faulty BEFORE the storm!
  • Are the drains and gutters around your home clean and free of debris? A drain or gutter that is clogged with silt and leaves for instance, can cause extensive water damage.
  • What about your basement, do you have any cracks? You might want to seal those ahead of the storm.
  • Still talking about your basement here, have you considered waterproofing? Just something to think about……
  • What about a sump pump, do you have a functional one? If not, get one ASAP!
  • Got Windows? How often do you ventilate your home? What are you waiting for? Open a few windows and let some fresh air and sunshine in? Summer does seem like the perfect time for that, don’t you reckon? You see, regular household activities like cooking or taking a hot shower, have the tendency to raise the humidity levels and the moisture content in your home. Moisture! Yes, that’s one of the catalysts for mold growth!  So, stop mold in its ugly tracks by simply opening your windows every now and then to reduce humidity and moisture levels in your home.
  • Indoor Moisture Levels and Temperatures. Get a dehumidifier if you must, as a means of managing indoor moisture levels, and finally learn how to use the AC to avoid indoor condensation build-up!

As your local disaster restoration specialists, we know firsthand that water damage is not a simple as it sounds. All it takes is a few drops of water in an inconspicuous location of your home, and before you can say ‘jack’, you will be faced with a full-blown mold infestation!

So, Happy ‘Sunny Season’ from Triangle Legacy, and please be vigilant!


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