Symptoms of Black Mold Exposure

Black Mold Exposure Washington DCProlonged black mold exposure results in severe health problems for you and your other family members. Our expert mold inspection staff is experienced and skilled in the necessary techniques and precautions to handle even the most hazardous kinds.

The severity of black mold contamination ought to cause you to act as soon as you can. Exposure to mold may cause organ damage, mental impairment, respiratory issues, as well as death if there’s untreated and prolonged exposure. Other symptoms of mold exposure include:

• skin problems
• respiratory failure
• problems with eyesight
• neurological issues
• mental impairment
• unexplained physical discomfort
• persistent exhaustion

These symptoms usually are unexplained or might have a sudden onset. It’s better to talk to a qualified physician if you believe you might be exposed to black mold. After you consult the doctor about your health, you also should take action concerning remediation and keeping it from recurring within your home.

Not removing black mold from your home as soon as you see it may lead to alarming health problems and perhaps even death. You may believe a little black mold won’t have that much of an effect on your family and you, yet without the right evaluation of expert removal professionals, you’ll never know just how big the scope of the contamination may be.

Get the contamination inside your home tested to check if it’s the dreaded black mold then take the necessary steps to eliminate it. Even if it’s a different type, not the dangerous type; our remediation professionals still will do a good job at removing it.

One other reason why it’s important that you eliminate it as soon as you can is to protect your home from the adverse effects. It may damage any surface it grows on. If left unchecked, its presence may do a lot of damage to your home from the inside.

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