The Cold Snowy Winter Storm

Winter weather is upon us, and it can be brutal, especially to your home. Even when you take precautions the power of freezing, snow, ice, floods, and wind can damage your property in a variety of ways. When that happens you have to act fast to repair the issues before they have a chance to fester and grow worse. Having a quality flood and weather damage restoration company on call is important for any responsible homeowner.


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One of the main winter weather issues that you can have is when temperatures get very cold, your pipes can freeze up, which can stop your water from flowing. This can cut off the use of your sink, shower, bath, and toilet. Even worse, when water turns to ice it expands, and that can cause your pipes to break, burst, or crack. Then later when the weather warms up that can lead to flooding conditions which can be a major problem.

If your pipes freeze then you have to take immediate action in order to prevent further damage from occurring. Calling a flood and weather restoration company immediately will allow you to get a professional out to inspect your plumbing. If the hardware is not damaged they will be able to thaw it out before breakage occurs.They will also be able to repair fractures and holes if they have already appeared.

Unfortunately failing to call a restoration specialist can lead to flooding conditions in your home. This can make the environment uncomfortable and unsafe, as mold and mildew will immediately start to grow. The longer flood waters are allowed to remain in the house, the more the liquid will be able to eat away at the wood, damage your architectural elements, and destroy the value of the building altogether.

Another common winter weather problem occurs when snow and ice melt, causing basement flooding conditions. This can be exacerbated in situations where a sub pump is not present, or functioning properly, making it impossible to get rid of the damaging water. This can also lead to electrical issues, with the power going out due to damaged wires. All of these things are particularly bad in the winter when the cold will make these conditions even more miserable and harder to deal with.

Water damage issues are particularly insidious, because liquid is able to seep into every pore, crevice, and nook in the building, weaseling its way deep into your architectural elements where it can fester, rot, and give birth to a myriad of molds and bacteria. The only way to prevent that is to deal with the problem immediately, by calling a flood restoration specialist.

When winter weather water damage occurs, whether its from flooding, snow, ice, or broken pipes, you have to act immediately. Often you will be in shock, and not know where to turn for help. However, if you have the number of a qualified and reputable restoration company, you will be able to reach out to them. They can then handle all of the repairs in a timely manner, ensuring that problems do not get worse over time.

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