The Connection Between Mold Exposure and Neurological Issues

molded-wood-on-roofHuman exposure to mycotoxins, molds, and water-damaged structures may cause neuropsychiatric and neurologic symptoms and signs, according to the National Institute of Health. We will briefly discuss the connection between mold exposure and neurological issues.

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Many of those clinical features may partially copy or be similar to classical neurologic disorders, which includes movement disorders, pain syndromes, dementia, delirium, and disorders of coordination and balance.

Once mycotoxins or mold are inhaled, they may settle in the sinuses. The sinuses are moist, warm, and dark. Mold causes an immune system reaction triggering mucous generation. Mucous becomes a food source for mold, and enables it to reproduce and triggers a fungal infection of the sinusitis. In addition, mucous is literally swallowed and winds up inside the gut. But, mycotoxins may be swallowed and lead to harm without an existing sinus infection. Plus, the inhaled mycotoxins may settle inside the sinuses. Those neurotoxins are microns away from the brain & blood brain barrier. Those toxins, both eaten and inhaled, may trigger neurological symptoms.

Our brain has a different way to metabolize toxins; the glymphatic system. University of Rochester researchers, in 2012, identified the new maintenance system referred to as the glymphatic system that utilizes the cells’ mitochondria to extract cellular waste from our brain. It discovered that the CSF (clear cerebrospinal fluid) in our brain is what’s responsible for draining toxins from our brain, like how the lymphatic system is what extracts waste from additional cells in our bodies to the liver and kidney. However, the brain doesn’t have any lymph, and relies upon cerebral spinal fluid.

‘Exposure to triggers like environmental infections and toxins may lead to chronic inflammation in several body systems. Those triggers lead to damage to the brain, the immune system, the lungs, the heart, and several other body systems’, according to Psychology Today.

Chronic exposure to dangerous environmental toxins and additional triggers interferes with normal bodily functions. They may impact the mind. It isn’t uncommon for adults or children who have recurring exposures to indoor, moldy environments at school, work, or home to develop several symptoms. Mold exposure treatment by Triangle Legacy in the office or home will lead to significant health improvement.

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