Top 3 Benefits of Painting the Exterior of your Home

The fact is, painting will hold both functional and aesthetic benefits for your house. If you are giving consideration to a new home upgrade, begin by recognizing the following top 3 benefits of exterior home painting.

Improved aesthetics

Do not neglect the aesthetic value home painting is able to bring; you will see something livelier and newer each time you pull into the driveway, and that will go beyond a simplistic color selection. A new paint coat may make your siding seem fresher, putting your entire home in a different light.

Objectively boosted home value

As an appraiser visits to assess your home, a recent home painting project may have a big impact on the end value. Some big renovations just provide a partial ROI; for instance, kitchen remodels only average an 80% ROI. That means one $10,000 kitchen make-over only would boost your home’s value by an average of $8,000. On the other hand, exterior paint, provides a more appealing return on investment of 141%. If you wind up spending $1,000 upon home painting, it’s possible to expect an increase on home value of around $1,400—which is similar to making $400 of additional value on top of the project paying for itself.

Improved curb appeal

A home’s aesthetic value is not just for you; if you are curious about selling your house, exterior paint greatly can boost your possible curb appeal. Curb appeal is independent of personal appeal and home value; instead, curb appeal is about setting the proper tone as a potential buyer views your property for the first time. Imagine it as getting a “foot in the door” for a possible sale—if they enjoy the exterior’s appeal, they will be more likely to visit for more information and stand a better opportunity of actually purchasing.