Triangle Legacy is Top Rated Washington DC Carpet Cleaning Company With 20 5-Star Ratings!

Triangle Legacy has proven that hard work and sincerity is an unbeatable combination. A company serving a concoction of good customer service and quality work can beat any competition whatsoever.

Well, this is not what the owners or their communication managers are speaking. In fact, the words are coming straight from the horse’s mouth, which is the customer itself.

If you visit the Google reviews page of the company, you will be astonished to see there are as many as 20 5-star ratings . See our G+ page with our customer reviews

This is truly an accomplishment, which all rivals of the company are surely going to envy. In Washington DC, there is tremendous competition in the carpet cleaning business and the expectations of the customers are understandably quite high. Hence, it is definitely a feat for a company to receive so many positive and encouraging reviews on a consistent basis.

Top Qualities that Customers Appreciate about Triangle Legacy


Going by the reviews we have picked the top qualities of Triangle Legacy that has won the hearts of its customers.

Cares for its clients

Emily Brown states in her testimonial that what she likes most about Triangle Legacy is the fact that it “really cares” about its clients. The professionals in the company put in great efforts in their work and are extremely passionate about their work.

Timely and Professional

Anthony Durham is extremely pleased with the timeliness and professionalism shown by Triangle Legacy. “The crew came early in the morning and worked tirelessly to ensure our rental property was ready for inspection the following day. The work was not only timely but also very professional”. What Anthony further likes about Triangle Legacy is that the company also followed up with them to make sure he passed the inspection.

Budget friendly

Shari Franklyn hired Triangle Legacy for carpet cleaning services. He has given a 5-star rating to the company as he finds their prices budget friendly. He says, “Even did a little extra fix-it for less $$ than I would have had to pay.

Competent and detailed oriented

Joseph Perry hired Triangle Legacy for carpet cleaning. He rates the services 5-star as he found the professionals “efficient, competent, detail oriented, and courteous.”

Well prepared

Customers also find that professionals at Triangle Legacy are well prepared for the job in hand. Competence and advance preparation enables professionals to offer customized solutions which ensure great results. LM O’Leary, who owns 2 large dogs hired Triangle Legacy’s carpet cleaning service says, “The carpets came out looking super clean and smelled great after they were done!”

Friendly and courteous

Richard Helms find Triangle Legacy friendly and courteous. The fact was reiterated by Chad Hoffman. Chad says, “Would recommend to anyone looking for a great carpet cleaning service.”

So, now you know whom to call when you are looking for companies offering carpet cleaning in Washington DC!