Upholstery Cleaning in Washington DC Can Help Improve Indoor Air Quality

People are so particular about keeping their bathrooms clean because they know these rooms harbor bacteria and other pathogens. However, these same people have no qualms about covering up a dirty and stained sofa or couch with a cover or throw without realizing that the sofa could be harboring pathogens and germs that reduce the indoor air quality of their homes and also cause several health problems. If you suffer from allergies or fall ill very often without a reason, it could be due to dirty and unclean upholstery.

If you truly want to improve air quality inside your home, you should not think twice about opting for upholstery cleaning in Washington DC. Of course, getting a HEPA filter installed will help tremendously, but what about the airborne particulate matter that is already present in your home. You may be cleaning your sofa regularly, but is it enough? There are many health benefits to getting your upholstery cleaned professionally.

Couch Cleaning DC: Get Dust and Allergens out of your way!


Upholstery is one of the common places where dust, dust mites and other allergens, such as mold tend to thrive. These airborne allergens get trapped within the fibers of the upholstery and you sit on the sofa and couch, the allergens enter your nostril causing a bout of sneezing, sniffling and red, watery eyes. If you get the upholstery cleaned regularly, you will notice you are less likely to suffer from allergies brought on by these allergens.

Furthermore, if you completely ignore upholstery cleaning in Washington DC, at some time or these other, these allergens will become airborne. It is then you will begin to suffer from breathing problems. These problems should not be ignored, as some like asthma can be fatal if not treated. Once the dust and other allergens reduce in your home, it will help improve indoor air quality.

You will never think that your upholstery could be harboring bacteria. But think about the spills that you or your guests have caused; or what about when a sweaty guest sits on your sofa or couch? The damp upholstery provides the perfect environment for bacteria to proliferate. Just vacuum cleaning or dusting your sofa will not get rid of these bacteria. What you need is professional upholstery cleaner in Washington DC, who can come and give your upholstery a thorough wash to remove the bacteria.

The added benefit of upholstery cleaning in Washington DC is fresh and renewed looking upholstery. If you get your upholstery cleaned regularly, it will prevent the fabric from fading and getting discolored. This also means the upholstery will last longer. So, go ahead and call a professional upholstery company in Washington DC and experience the immense health benefits. Today, even the EPA is worried about indoor air quality and has mentioned that in many homes the quality of indoor air is worse than the outside air. So, do you want to risk your health?