Washington DC Water Damage – Should you call a Water Damage Professional or DYI ?

Water damage can wreak havoc at home or business setup. If the water from every nook and cranny of the structure is not dried thoroughly and immediately, it can make the environment perfect for mold and mildew to proliferate. Mold damage in Washington DC can become a huge health problem if remedial measures are not taken immediately.

When you have water damage, due to a flood or burst pipe, the first thing to do is get the premises dry and salvage as many things as possible. You have two alternatives before you – you can take up a DIY challenge or leave the water damage restoration to professionals.

DIY Water Damage Restoration

Usually, you should take up a DIY yourself project if the water damage is not extensive. Your first step should be drying out the area and getting rid of the water. So get a mop and bucket. Then use a fan to dry up the area. Even a heater can do this task admirably. If the water damage is limited to a small space, don’t be averse to using your hair dryer to dry up the spot quickly. Then use mold-destroying products to prevent mold damage.

Make sure you use a product to protect the area from mold and mildew even if you think you have done a great job of drying up the space completely. You may have missed out on a spot and this is more than sufficient to allow mold to develop and proliferate.

Since your home or office has sustained water damage, you would need to paint that area. Opt for a mold-stopping paint. First use this paint on the wall and then use the traditional wall paint to match the existing color of the wall.

Carpets and sofas often are the hardest to dry. Make sure they are kept out in the sun to dry thoroughly and then use a mold-stopping spray to prevent mold growth.

Using a Professional


If the water damage is widespread and extensive, you don’t want to be attempting a DIY. Instead hire professional water damage Washington DC company. In fact, most experts recommend a professional regardless of the size of the water damage. A professional has the expertise, knowledge and experience to tackle mold and mildew even before they develop.

When hiring a professional for water damage and mold remediation, make sure the company is licensed and insured. In case the professional makes a mess of things, you have the satisfaction of knowing you will be compensated. You should also get a detailed estimate and discuss what steps the company will take to restore your home or office and prevent mold damage.