Water Damage Classification List

water damage restoration servicesDid you know that water damage is categorized based on the severity and type? Knowing the differences in classifications can help you better understand how much work is needed to restore your home.

What are the Categories of Water?

There are three basic categories of water, all of which can be affected by the time of day and temperature. Most homes that see water damage from plumbing issues or small leaks will be dealing with Category 1 water, which doesn’t pose a substantial health risk. Category 2 water can cause sickness and may contain unsafe levels of chemicals. Category 3 is toxic and includes agents that are harmful when ingested or inhaled.

What are the Classifications of Water Damage?

Classifications of water damage refer to the state of the water in the affected area. Unlike the categories listed above, the more significant number doesn’t necessarily refer to a greater amount of water being present. Class 4, for example, refers to there being large amounts of saturation in the fixtures that are usually present as the water in the area begins to dry.

Class 1 situations are usually the result of a leak or rain storm. They only affect a small area of the room and have the least amount of visible damage. Class 2 and three water damage has more significant amounts of damage, usually at an unsafe level.

What Class and Classification Requires a Specialist?

While one would think that Category 1 water resulting in Class 1 damage would mean minimal impact on an area, the truth is that any amount of water or damage could require the attention of an experienced professional. Still, water can cause mold or mildew to start to grow, quickly raising the health risk. The water could also be an indication of a more significant issue that needs to be repaired right away.

Rather than assess the situation yourself, it is best to contact a professional at the first signs of damage. This can help save you headaches later and is the first step in preventative maintenance. To learn more about water damage restoration, please contact us today.