Water Damage Prevention Tips: How to prevent Frozen Pipes!

‘Pipe-sicles’ should NOT be a thing!

………. because frozen pipes break; and broken pipes lead to primary water damage; and primary water damage leads to secondary water damage; and secondary water damage ‘invites’ mold to the ‘party’; and mold ‘invites’ sickness to the party! And oh, while mold is ‘at it’, it compromises the quality of your property’s foundation and ultimately compromises the quality of your life and those of your loved ones! Get the picture?

The fact of the matter is, ready or not, ‘Old Man Winter’ is here, and here to stay for a while!frozen pipe prevention

Now while there is nothing we can do about ‘his’ arrival, we can certainly try to beat ‘him’ to ‘his’ game, by being pro-active and mitigating the potentially devastating effects of ‘his’ not so pleasant surprises!

So, the question is……. Is your home ready?

For winter that is….

With approximately 2 decades of experience, we the team at Triangle Legacy, consider ourselves experts in the fields of water damage restoration and mold remediation.

It is in that capacity, that we would like to provide you with a few tips to help you get your home ready this season!

  • TIP #1: Leave the Heat on!

Going away for a while? Please leave the heat on!

Yes, we understand your concern about incurring a potentially exorbitant energy bill in your absence, however we urge you to perform a quick mental cost analysis before you make your ultimate decision.

Mental Cost Analysis: IF your pipes should freeze and burst in your absence, the potentially hefty energy bill will most likely be a whole lot less than the amount you would have to pay for water damage restoration services. Correct?

Remember: Frozen pipes can break; and broken pipes can lead to primary water damage; and primary water damage can lead to secondary water damage; and secondary water damage can lead to mold infestation, etc., etc., etc.

  • TIP #2: Leave interior doors open!

Indoor pipes are typically located in cabinets.

To protect these pipes from freezing (when exterior temperatures drop), it is a good idea to keep the relevant interior & cabinet doors open to encourage the distribution of heat throughout your home, and in the process, keep the pipes that are vulnerable to freezing, warm.

  • TIP #3: Insulation

There is a ‘fat’ chance that the pipes located in the basement or attic of your home may need extra insulation so as not to become susceptible to freezing.

In such instances, arrange to have the relevant pipes professionally fitted with foam rubber, fiberglass sleeves, heating tape etc., etc., etc., before the freeze!

  • TIP #4: Water Lines

Before the initial freeze, it is imperative that you turn off any exterior water spigots and drain any hoses. After draining the latter, stow it away neatly.

This tip is also applicable to sprinkler systems and air conditioner pipes.

  •  BONUS TIP (#5): Sneaky Leaks can result in Massive Water Damage!

Undetected water damage can result in a well concealed mold infestation within your home or business. Once spores from the latter are released into the ventilation system of your home, you and your loved ones may become susceptible to a host of respiratory problems.

For tips on determining whether the ‘water-tight’ of your home has been breached, check out our previous blog, “Signs of Hidden Water Intrusion”.

Our Focus

At Triangle Legacy, our primary focus is to take care of you, so that you can take care of yours!

So, in the unfortunate instance that you find yourself burdened with a water damage situation, do not hesitate to contact us right away day or night!


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