Water Damage Remediation: The Process

What if this was your house?

It had five feet of water in it for weeks after Hurricane Katrina. You may think that the only major renovation tool to be utilized in a case like would be a bulldozer, but many people can tell you that with proper professional water damage restoration, such as the services offered by Triangle Legacy, even a home with this degree of destruction can be made habitable once again!

If you look carefully at the photo, you will see that the restoration process has been actually begun! Let’s consider the steps typically involved in water damage restoration.

Loss Assessment and Evaluation:

Water Damage Remediation: The ProcessYou have to figure out what is wrong before you can decide how to fix it. Your first two calls after a water intrusion incident should be to a contractor who is experienced in water damage restoration and, if you have insurance to cover the incident that caused the water damage, notify your insurance company so they can send out an adjuster. In the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area, Triangle Legacy offers a 24/7 service for water intrusion emergencies.

Homeowner’s insurance typically pays for water damage caused by leaking roofs or broken plumbing. However, it does not pay for damages caused by flooding; for that you need flood insuranceA contractor like Triangle Legacy will begin immediate steps to limit the long-term damage to your property and the insurance adjuster will give you a written estimate detailing what needs to be fixed and what they expect it to cost.

After reviewing the situation and taking the needed emergency steps, the contractor will give you his assessment of the damages and his estimate of the cost of repairs. If the contractor’s estimate is significantly different than that of the insurance company, have the contractor speak to the adjuster before non-emergency work begins. In fact, if you know which contractor you are going to use, ask him if he can be there at the same time as the insurance adjuster so they can work things out at that time.

The final part of loss assessment is personal–what you deem worth saving. For example, if that was your house in the picture, you would have to figure out how much does that piano means to you?

  • Is it a treasure that has been in your family for generations? Or does it simply serve as a place to display family pictures, since no one can play it.
  • Is it your tool of your trade; considering that you are a musician?

Where one person may be happy drying out the piano and fixing the finish so it looks nice–even if it not possible to get it back in tune, another second would have no use for the piano if it could not be tuned. In essence, if something special of yours is damaged, let your water restoration professional know that for that particular piece, dollars and cents are not the only factor to consider.

Water Extraction

Hopefully the water will not sit in your home for weeks. Once the flooding has receded or the problem causing the water intrusion has been fixed, it is time to remove as much water as possible from your home. The method used will depend on the amount of water, the location in your home, and what caused the damage in the first place. In the case of a limited amount of clean water soaking a small area of carpet, a shop vac may take care of the problem.

Triangle Legacy has a variety of tools more powerful than those commonly available to homeowners to remove as much water as possible as quickly as possible so as to minimize other damage to your property.

Remove Damaged Carpeting, Drywall, Insulation or Other Building Materials

Once the visible water has been removed, Triangle Legacy will remove the parts of the building that need to be replaced. Things that frequently need to be replaced after a water intrusion incident include carpet, drywall and insulation.  Quickly getting those things, especially if they are ruined, allows more thorough drying of the rest of the structure.

Dry and Dehumidify

Especially if your climate is humid, the house or other building may need to be further dehumidified after a water intrusion incident. Triangle Legacy has blowers to speed the drying of carpet and machines which remove the super-humid air from your home or business.

Disinfect and Treat for Mold

Most of us have seen news clips on homes that are uninhabitable due to mold.  Homeowners who do a mediocre job of drying out property after a water intrusion incident may find themselves dealing with a mold incident months later. Mold is a fungus which is present in small amounts just about everywhere. However, in order to grow and reproduce, it needs a moist environment with food. By properly drying your property, Triangle Legacy takes the initial step in preventing a mold problem. Further, Triangle Legacy will clean and disinfect all areas exposed to water and treat them to minimize mold growth.

Renovation and Remodeling

Obviously, the more damage, the more renovation and remodeling that will be required. While it is the goal of Triangle Legacy to minimize the amount of home renovation that will be required by a water intrusion incident, we are licensed contractors and can finish the job for you, whether that means repairing a hole in the drywall in the back of your kitchen cabinet or replacing subfloors and moldings damaged in a flood.

Even a minor water intrusion incident can metamorphose into a major problem if not dealt with properly. In the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area as well as Northern Virginia, Triangle Legacy can keep your minor problems from becoming major as we have the expertise, experience and equipment to handle major water intrusion issues.