Water Damage Restoration After a Heavy Rain

Water damage is a problem that home owners have always dreaded. If you have had the misfortune of suffering from water damage after a heavy rain, you already know the destruction it can leave in its wake and given that your home is your most precious possession, this kind of damage is seen as a major curse.

The Damaging Effects of Water

Heavy rains are factors that are responsible for causing water damage. Knowing that the damage was caused due to a broken dishwasher, flooded toilets or a leaky pipe instead of heavy rains doesn’t reduce the loss incurred or the feeling of frustration that one experiences at these times. However, flooding due to rain water damage is found to be far more common and very devastating.

The damaging effects of flooding are not just restricted to damaging your furniture, upholstery, electronic gadgets and so on but can also lead to the growth of mold. We all know that having mold in one’s home is not only extremely harmful for the structure of your home or office but is also an extremely expensive problem to tackle. It can also have adverse health implications for those living in the area.

Exposure to mold has been known to cause allergies, breathing problems and aggravation of asthma in people having weak immune systems. This is why cleaning up immediately after the damage has occurred is important to protect oneself from such problems and ensure that the environment is once more safe for you to live in.

If water is allowed to sit for long, it will not only make the cleaning up process so much harder but will also begin to damage your floors, sub-flooring and walls. So when you experience water damage, the first thing you need to do is call in the experts at Triangle Legacy, Washington D.C. so that they can provide you with the best flood damage restoration services available.

Categories of Water Damage

Not all water causes the same degree of damage. There are different categories on the basis of which you can evaluate them. These categories are:

  • Category 1 – This refers to clean, uncontaminated water that does not pose a threat to anyone. This kind of damage is usually cause by a broken appliance or an overflow of a pipe.
  • Category 2 – This is a more severe problem and refers to water that is contaminated and thus could cause potential health issues if ingested by anyone. This usually includes flooding that has occurred due to broken toilets and sump pumps and so on.
  • Category 3 – Category 3 includes what is called black water. This water contains bacteria and other pathogens, making it extremely unhealthy to have around. Sewage leaks or contamination of standing water are usually the main sources of black water. 

Water Damage Restoration Services

Assessing just how much damage has been caused due to the flooding and providing home owners with an estimate is the first step that needs to be taken. Once this is done, your damage is usually classified in certain categories which help understand how much damage has been caused and what kind of services are necessary to get it back to its former glory.

The process of water damage restoration, if done right, can help people save a lot of furniture and upholstery instead of later needing to shell out huge amounts to get all these items replaced. This is why calling a water restoration company immediately is a smart idea. It will help mitigate the extent of damage caused and their prompt action will also help you save a lot of furniture.

When water damage occurs, there is usually a lot of standing water in the basement that needs to be taken care of. If not dealt with, the bacteria and other micro-organisms can cause this water to turn extremely unsanitary, thereby causing a potential health risk to those around. To tackle this issue, figuring out the source of the water entry is important. Triangle Legacy recognizes the importance of quickly responding to water damage and getting rid of it and its related moisture problems thus we will do all of this for you.

You can count on us to provide 24/7 emergency services. We will not only extract the water from your home but will also put our dehumidifiers to task, ensuring your entire home is free from water and moisture. If any part of your home is in need of reconstruction, you can get that done too.

With high-tech equipment and a well-designed procedure of tackling water damage restoration, you can be sure that there is no better place in Washington D.C. than Triangle Legacy that will get your home looking as good as new.