Triangle Legacy: Water Damage Restoration in Arlington, VA

Water damage can occur due to a multitude of causes including, floods, leaking pipes, faulty water lines from toilets or equipment like washing machines, leaking ceilings, and as a result of a fire extinguishing episode. Irrespective of how it occurs, water can do irreparable damage to your property and valuables if not treated correctly. Triangle Legacy has been diligently and skillfully carrying on the task of bringing about the perfect solutions for water damage restoration in Arlington, VA. 

As water damage professionals, we begin our assignments by assessing the level of water damage in your premises, and with state-of-the-art machinery, we are able to do so very accurately. We acutely sense the presence of unwanted moisture even in places where it is barely perceptible. With this information, we go ahead with the restoration which including water extraction and drying wet carpet & floors. 


Flood Damage RestorationWater damage restoration or flood restoration for that matter, begins with a thorough drying stage. This helps ensure that the damage to your property is none or minimal and there is no mold growth. Drying may get completed in one day, or it may continue for a number of days depending on how deep the water has penetrated in your home. While your place dries, we keep a careful check on the progress of it so as to make sure each and every affected area is completely dried before we proceed to our next step. 


Water, even if coming from a clean source, tends to acquire a contaminated character when left to stagnate in undesirable places. Therefore, it becomes necessary to incorporate a step of sanitizing or sterilizing during a restoration task. 


Who can contradict the fact that a water affected area is smelly. To again make your water-attacked home or office pleasant to you, we deodorize the place to remove the last remaining molecule of bad smell. 

Content Evaluation

The basic but precious contents of your house may get affected by damage in ways that are sometimes visible, other times not. Items susceptible to damage include electronic, furniture and books among others. We evaluate all of these things and perform all the necessary restoration steps to make them fit for use again.

We have better customer reviews and service quality than some of the local & national flood restoration companies. Check for our reviews on Google. And whether it is a relatively mild water damage restoration or a full-fledged flood restoration in Arlington, VA, Triangle Legacy reigns supreme in handling the problem in an ideal manner and achieving best results irrespective of the category or extent of damage.  Call out flood damage helpline 24×7 at 703-673-1175.