Water Damage in Washington DC? Learn how to wash your troubles away!

Flood & Water Damage can be a stressful experience nonetheless you have flood damage companies handle the situation as smoothly as possible. One cannot stress enough about how important it is to get rid of stagnant and gathered water. Damage that allows water to remain gathered can cause irreversible damage that can be very costly for you. Here are some pointers for you:

  • Gathered and stagnant water creates a breeding ground for insects, such as mosquitoes
  • It could also have a hand in spreading water borne diseases
  • It could spread sewage and garbage, which would also cause diseases
  • It could destroy the soil quality in the area and destroy gardens and farms
  • It could cause mold in buildings, in the walls and wood floorings
  • It could destroy your belongings, such as electronics

Triangle Legacy Cleaning & Restoration professionals can ensure that you do not have to suffer with a flood in your space for much longer. As soon as you know about the flood, call us. You will receive a quick response from us with our flood and water damage restoration services.

  • We will determine the source of the excess water and fix it or find a means of diverting the water if necessary
  • Our professionals will get rid of the excess water using the latest and most efficient technologies
  • We will clean up the debris and dirt brought in by the water
  • We will remove moisture from everywhere necessary
  • We will also reconstruct your building’s structure where it has been damaged
  • We would sanitize, deodorize, and also purify the air of your space
  • By working quickly, we will help prevent any further damage to your structure

There are some things you should know while waiting for our water and flood damage restoration services to get in action.

  • After a flood, there might be exposed wiring in your home. So proceed with caution.
  • If there are any rooms with ceiling damage, stay out of them.
  • You should not try using your normal house vacuum to remove the water.
  • You could try mopping off extra water from your wooden furniture.
  • You could also remove cushions and upholstery wherever possible and keep them in a ventilated and sunny area.
  • Before the flood damage restoration services professionals get to the site, you could remove your carpets and rugs and put them out to dry.
  • The flood may affect electrical appliances. Do not attempt to use them unless a professional confirms they are safe for use.

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