Water Damage: When Is It Not Covered by Your Homeowner’s Insurance?

The Source of the Water Damage

Your homeowner’s policy might cover the costs for building materials and additional possessions that were water damaged. But it doesn’t cover the water source. water-damage-restoration

For instance, a pipe abruptly bursts in your house despite it being insulated properly. In turn, drywall and additional building materials get damaged. Your homeowner’s policy will cover the damage that it caused to the building materials’; however, the expense of replacing or repairing the damaged pipe is going to come out of your own pocket.


Lack of Maintenance and Gradual Damage

Usually, gradual damage isn’t covered by homeowner’s insurance. If such damage happens, and you file a claim for it, it’ll probably be denied.

Gradual damage involves harm which occurs over a period of time, hence the descriptor. You might claim water damage happened accidentally or suddenly, yet such damage must be filed immediately. Or else, time passes, and worsens the damage and re-categorizes it as gradual damage. Due to this, your insurance won’t cover this damage. Some gradual damage examples involve water damage from a pipe which has been leaking over a period of time and water damage which occurred because of a failure to fix damaged roofing.

What’s more, gradual damage may be a result of poor, or no maintenance. While normal wear and tear is usual, correct maintenance will extend the efficiency and lives of items, which is the reason why it is vital to have routine maintenance work done. But, if you didn’t maintain items, and problems come up, your insurance provider will not cover the damage.


Water Backups and Flooding

Regular homeowner’s insurance doesn’t offer coverage for any flooding — even if it occurred due to a storm or other weather-associated event. For flooding to be covered by an insurance provider, you must invest in an extra policy.

Usually, the same goes for water back-ups that are caused by outside sewers and drains. In order to be covered in this type of situation, you require additional coverage.


Obtaining Water Damage Restoration Assistance for Your House

In knowing how your insurance will cover any water damage, you’ll have a better opportunity of filing a successful claim, if you quickly do so. Taking instant action is how you ought to respond to water damage, irrespective of insurance claims.