Water Removal

Flood Damage Restoration Washington DCWater extraction is a vital aspect of water or flood damage recovery. Standing water or flooded spaces inside a home might do much worse than simplistic structural damage. Moisture, as well as standing water is a breeding ground for toxic mold spores which might even go airborne, and affect individuals in your entire neighborhood. Also, bacteria and insects like standing water, since for them it’ll represent an excellent space to reproduce and lay eggs. Water extraction will take care of that problem. Therefore, careful and thorough water extraction are both the most important and first part of the process for water damage restoration.

What Can Homeowners Do?

The homeowner is responsible for step one – locating and stopping the water source which led to the flooding. If flooding was caused by a storm, it might not be possible to stop the water from coming in as the storm is raging. It’s still worth it to make an effort to stop it from accumulating. Because after all, as bad as temporary water damage is, damage from standing water might wind up being a lot worse.

As you have your circumstances under control, it is time to locate a reputable water extraction company… and fast. As with heart attacks, a flood is time critical. The longer that water sits around, the more severe the problem. If you wait for a contractor or insurance adjuster to inform you that you require expert water extraction, you might wind up experiencing a lot more severe damage to your residence. Each passing minute will increase the chances that possibly deadly bacteria or mold will begin to grow in your flooded space.

Property damage due to excess water is a common problem for property owners in Washington DC, Virginia – Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax and Maryland – Silver Spring, Rockville, Bethesda and surrounding areas. Triangle Legacy provides water damage extraction/removal and flood damage restoration and repair services.