Waterproofing Services for Your Home and Business

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Your home is your castle.  It is where you and your family live and it houses your personal possessions and precious memories, pictures and handed down treasures, not to mention expensive electronics and furniture.  It is of the utmost importance that you have confidence that is waterproofed and able to stand the test of flooding and other potential water damage.

The same concern applies to your commercial or business property.  The investment you have made in your property is a major priority for you and, for Triangle Legacy.  Triangle Legacy offers reliable and innovative solutions to ensure you are completely satisfied with the level of waterproofing services we provide.  We are not finished until the job is finished and the job is not finished until you are fully satisfied.

Our waterproofing services include:

•    Wet Basement Repair

•    Basement and Foundation Waterproofing

•    Foundation Repair Services

•    Crawl Space and Sump Pump

•    Mold and Mildew


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Wet Basement Repair

The last thing you want to see when you descend into your basement is water where it doesn’t belong.  Whether you see puddles on the floor, leaking water in the corners or worse, your basement floor covered with water, Triangle Legacy will help.  If you have been dealing with this for a while, we understand your frustration and will help stop the problem.  If you are just discovering the water, call Triangle Legacy immediately and we will work with you to find the source of the problem and correct it.  In either situation, Triangle Legacy’s goal is to help you correct the problem, and waterproof your basement to avoid future issues.

Don’t ignore the problem:  Allowing water issues to continue will only cause further deterioration and damage to your property’s foundation, not to mention creating an optimal environment for the growth and development of mold and mildew.  Some molds can be toxic to humans so the health and safety of your family should be considered, as well as the protection of the value of your home.

Basement Leaks:

Leaks can originate from cracks in the walls or foundation of your basement or failing exterior waterproofing. Any leaks need to be immediately addressed so further damage will not occur.

Wet Basement Repair:

Puddles and collections of water on the floor

Collected water in different areas of your basement are clear signs that water is getting in from somewhere and finding the location is the first item on the agenda.

Basement flooding

Triangle Legacy uses the most up-to-date technology and state-of-the-art equipment in water extraction, restoration and drying. We have the ability to identify the extent of the water damage and verify our drying results to make sure that walls, carpet, furniture and your household furnishings are completely dry.

Once the water is extracted, we proceed to immediately find the cause of the entrance of the water or leaks and correct them.

Locating the Source of the Incoming Water:

It is easier to find the source of incoming water either during, or immediately after, it rains.  If it is possible, inspect the outside areas of your property that are associated with the location of the incoming water.  If you are unable to find the source, Triangle Legacy will work to determine how the water is getting into your basement.


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Basement and Foundation Waterproofing

Waterproofing Walk-Through:

Triangle Legacy will safeguard your home or business from wet weather, including flooding.  We will inspect your basement, crawl space, sump well and pump, outside and inside basement areas and foundation, and other areas, as well as perform a thorough inspection for cracks in the cement and other out of sight yet, vulnerable areas.

Triangle Legacy will perform a Waterproofing Walkthrough with you to discuss your waterproofing needs and requirements. Our professionals are experienced in detecting areas needing repair prior to waterproofing so during the walkthrough any identified areas will be addressed with you.  Once our thorough inspection is completed, we will furnish you with a detailed report of our findings and create a plan of action to address any areas needing correction prior to initiating the waterproofing.  Corrections should be dealt with and fixed prior to incorporating a preventive waterproofing solution.

Basement and foundation waterproofing are essential to the longevity of your home’s protection and value as well as protecting your commercial property.  Triangle Legacy uses proven waterproofing and sealing materials and methods to prevent water from entering into your property and causing damage.

During your Waterproofing Walk-through, we will ensure that we have addressed and documented all possible areas of concern and proceed to fix those areas using a combination of solutions ranging from sump pumps to complete drainage systems and moisture barriers. Triangle Legacy is committed to removing all traces of moisture in your basement and preventing future water penetration, providing you and your family peace of mind.

Foundation Repair

The total drainage system in your basement is the primary means of keeping your basement dry.  Triangle Legacy offers solutions that address your basement drainage and sump pump systems.

Triangle Legacy can fix problems and structural repairs with your foundation, including:

•    Cracks

•    Leans

•    Bulges and Bowing

•    Rebuilding foundation walls

Crawl Space and Sump Pump

Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl space encapsulation is a method of treating chronic humidity and helps to prevent mold growth and other unhealthy conditions that thrive in a crawl space environment.   Crawl space encapsulation transforms a crawl space into a conditioned space and protects the area from outside forces – like extreme heat or cold and precipitation.  This will help the environment of your living space remain free of mold, bacteria, odors, insects and other harmful conditions that can stem from an untreated crawl space.

Sump Pump Installation

Sump pumps provide one of the most cost-effective and reliable ways to protect your home and belongings from water damage – especially in your basement or crawl space.  There are many types of pumps; however, all types are used to remove water from your basement and deposit it to a safe distance from your home.  Battery backup sump pumps provide extra protection from water in your basement during power outages.

Let Triangle Legacy install the kind of sump pump that your situation calls for today.

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