Waterproofing Services DC:Go for Right Waterproofing Services to Keep Your House Protected in Washington DC

When we build a house, we give due attention to its aesthetic appeal and make sure it is comfortable for family members. However, it is equally important to maintain the durability of the house and protect it from the harshness of elements. Hence, choosing the right water proofing expert is vital.

Water proofing is done to ensure that no rain or flood water can enter your house and cause damage to your expensive belongings. If you are facing water pilferage problems in your existing premises or if you are building your new house or office it would be a wise to hire a water proofing expert. Depending on your needs your waterproofing contractor in Washington DC will offer you following services:

1. Foundation and basement water proofing

A strong foundation is pertinent for the durability of your house or office building. It not just holds the house but also protects it from moisture and insulates it against the cold / heat of the earth. A perfectly waterproofed foundation is the key to longevity of your house or office building.

When basements are not waterproofed you are likely to see small water pools in your basement or experience foul smelling walls.

Basement and foundations are critical areas in a house and it is important to pay due attention to these areas. A thorough inspection is required even before the job of water proofing is initiated. The inspection will reveal construction areas that need correction before waterproofing can be initiated.

2. Repairing a wet basement / foundation

  • Wet basement

If water somehow manages to invade your basement you would need to hire basement waterproofing DC services. In this case, you might notice puddles of water or the basement may get completely submerged. Depending on the cause, your water proofing expert will deal with the situation.

The most important aspect of repairing a wet basement is getting to the root cause of the problem. Basement waterproofing experts in DC have the right equipment to dry a damp or water submerged basement. Following this they work towards identifying the problem so that the right repairs can be made.

  • Wet foundation repair

Depending upon the cause of water penetration in your foundation the waterproofing contractor in DC will take the required action like filling up cracks, rebuilding foundation walls or correcting bulges or bows if any.

3. Installing a sump pump in the crawl space

Crawl spaces are prone to chronic humidity and hence are vulnerable to mold growth. It is important that crawl space is encapsulated so that it is protected from extreme heat, cold or moisture. An untreated crawl space can lead to development of foul odor and bacteria which can even get into your living space.

One of the most effective ways of dealing with the crawl space is to install a sump pump which will ensure that water is not trapped in the basement or crawl space. Your waterproofing Washington DC expert will guide you more about this.