Ways to Salvage Furniture After a Flood

Upholstery Cleaning Company Washington DCIn order to determine whether a furniture piece is worth salvaging you must look at the extent of its damage. Take into consideration the price of the item in correlation to the restoration cost. Lastly, you also must take into consideration its sentimental value.

Upholstered Furniture

If there was just slight flooding and your furniture didn’t sit within water too long, start by separating upholstered fabrics and additional colored items to stop or prevent any opportunity for color bleeding. It ought to be completely died to prevent mildew and mold from forming which occurs if it’s more than 20 percent wet.

If you determine to keep upholstered furniture owing to its great worth, it’s better to have it only cleaned by a professional. Cleaning might involve stripping it down to the frame. Webbing and springs might need to be replaced depending upon the extent of the water damage.


Unfortunately, if your box spring or mattress was submerged or sat inside water for a lengthy period of time, there isn’t any option but to have it replaced. Mold grows, and your mattress might’ve absorbed contaminants which may cause a health hazard.

Wood Furniture

For wood furniture that is heavily damaged which has been exposed to water for a lengthier period of time, expedite drying by extracting all parts which are simple to take apart, which include doors, drawers, and back panels. Don’t attempt to force them if they’re sticking. You may take them apart later on as the furniture has somewhat dried and the wood has started to shrink back.

Hose the mud and dirt off and dry within a ventilated space away from sunlight. Drying in the sun might lead to warping. Drying out time might run into several months or weeks.

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