Ways to Keep Carpets Clean During the Holidays

keeping your carpet clean

The holidays are full of delicious, fun food, and the ideal weather for remaining under the covers all day long. As much as we would enjoy remaining in bed all day, it just is not possible. From preparing family get-togethers to running errands, there are an abundance of reasons to get your winter coat and go outdoors. With that said, it is vital that you do your best to keep the carpeting clean after being outside in the wintertime. To assist you in keeping your carpet clean this winter season, use the following tips from Triangle Legacy.

Use Welcome Mat

After doing errands, your shoes might be a little dirty, to say the least. If you have been forced to head out in the rain, your shoes might bet moist or muddy. You do not want any of this coming into your house and onto the carpet since mud and water may cause mold growth, stains, and a stinky carpet. Be certain to wipe off your sneakers on a welcome mat before you head inside.

Buy a Coat Rack

You might think coats do not pose any threat to your carpeting, yet they actually can be one of the reasons your carpeting cannot seem to remain clean. For instance, if your kid has just arrived home on a rainy day, he’ll likely take off his raincoat as soon as he steps inside. If he decides to just toss it on the floor, the rainwater left on his coat may seep into the carpet and create less than stellar conditions for your floors. If you are having visitors over, they might take off their coats then pile them on a sofa, permitting excessive rainwater to soak into the upholstery and drip onto the carpet. In order to avoid this, put a coat rack at the entrance of the house in which everyone may store their coats when inside.

Create a Stain-Free Menu

As you get your menu ready for the evening of the get-together, try to avoid food that is known for causing stains. Rather than serving punch and red wine, stick with light colored or clear liquids or something that is simpler to remove from carpets. Avoid slimy, messy food, and greasy food which may leave ugly marks everywhere.